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Smokescreen Domed Roof Smoking Shelters 

Smoking shelters solves the smoking problem inside out – keeping smokers outside, but undercover. 

 Smokescreen Domed Roof Smoking Shelters

 Following successful implementation of smoking bans in Scotland and Ireland the Government has invoked a complete smoking ban in all public and workplaces. This will force your smokers outside to brave the elements and increases the likelihood of unsightly smoking waste littering your site. Cigarette butts are the UKs most littered item and can take up to 12 years to decompose!

The Smokescreen Domed Roof Smoke Shelter will enable you to provide a smoke-free workplace by ensuring that smokers are kept outside but happily under cover. Install a shelter, safe in the knowledge you will ensure a cigarette butt-free workplace.


  • Constructed from incredibly strong 40mm aluminium square tube.
  • Polyester/ epoxy powder coated making them attractive and rustproof. 
  • Glazing is made from scratch-resistant polyester/ polycarbonate that will not yellow in sunlight.


  • 12 standard configurations; 6 freestanding (FS) and 6 back to wall (BW).
  • Back to wall shelter will be supplied without any plastic panels for the rear of the shelter as additional weather protection is provided by the close proximity of the external building or structure the shelter is located near to.
  • Units arrive flat packed for self-assembly with full instructions.
  • Will typically take two suitably qualified workmen no more than four hours to erect onto a prepared base.
Smokedome Shelter
 Smokedome Shelter
 Smokedome Shelter Half-length side panels provide additional protection from the elements.  Freestanding design allows employers to control areas where smoking is permitted. Helps to project a professional image by keeping smokers away from building entrances. 50% coverage side panels protect employees from the elements but remain compliant with smoking regulations. Available in 6 sizes. The half-height side panels offer maximum weather protection whilst remaining compliant with smoking regulations. Durable aluminium construction is features an Epoxy / Polyester coating that is incredibly tough and will stand up to the harshest environments.


  • Frame: Ultra strong 40mm square aluminium tube with epoxy/polyester coating.
  • Available with Black finish only.
  • Glazing: Scratch-resistant Polyester / polycarbonate.
  • Will not yellow in sunlight!


  • Available in six sizes.
  • All shelters are supplied with 50% length side panels.
  • Units are delivered flat packed with full instructions for-self assembly.
  • Assembly time is typically 4-6 hours for 2 qualified workmen.
Weathershield Smoking Shelter
 Weathershield Smoking Shelter

Complement your building with this attractive and elegant shelter. The curved design promotes a less traditional look to offer something different for new and older style premises. The construction allows efficient ventilation of cigarette smoke encouraging use by smokers and non-smokers alike. 


  • Frame: Side and back tubing: 40mm epoxy/polyester powder coated mild steel square tube, 2mm wall thickness.
  • Roof tubing: 38mm epoxy/polyester powder coated mild steel round tube, 2mm wall thickness.
  • Back panels: 5mm co-polymer acrylic.
  • Roof: 4mm polycarbonate.

Configurations and Assembly:

  • Delivered on a 2×1 metre pallet with full assembly instructions.
  • Assembly time is one hour for two qualified workmen.
  • Available in green or black.
  • Four week lead time.
Our Smoke Station Porch gives protection for fewer smokers or where space is at a premium. Keep smoking outside your building with this easy solution derived from the standard Smokescreen shelter. We have responded to demands from our customers who want a shelter but don’t have the space to site it. The same durable and protective domed roof is easily attached to walls or posts to overhang doorways or other areas designated for smokers. Some customers even use the porch for loud and distracting mobile phone users.

The lightweight aluminium and polycarbonate structure will not rust and provides a great smoking policy solution for smaller companies or buildings.


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