Just Lift Electric Lifters

Merlin Industrial have added the Just lift electric load lifters to their site. The lifters, that can be used with various remote controls, help the cranes operate under a single person. The smallest model has a capacity of 150 kg, whilst the largest model can lift up to 750 kg. Each electric crane can rotate 240 to 360 degrees. These compact, lightweight cranes offer companies an alternative way to safely and quickly move repetitive loads.

For more information, visit the page here https://merlin-industrial.co.uk/compact-lightweight-crane/

Just lift lightweight cranes

Toilets need lifting too

“Toilets need lifting too” is something that we do not hear a lot to be fair. With the forklift becoming the jack of all trades, it is surprising, the amount of attachments that can be fitted to the forklift to enable it to become almost anything that you need. forklift toilet lifterThe loo lifter shown above is just an amusing example of how diverse forklift attachments have become. Please see some other examples below.

Mechanical Grabber

forklift mechanical grabber

Designed to lift, move and release numerous types of block and brick packs safely on a building site or yard. Fully mechanically operated via the forklift (without the driver leaving the safety of his seat) or via an overhead crane / HIAB.

Model Capacity (kg) Weight (kg) C of G (mm) Span (mm) Internal Height (mm) Overall Height (mm) Overall Width (mm) Pad Length (mm)
ISG-5 2000 270 750 600-1130 100-925 1430 1500 1200
ISG-5-60 1500 321 750 410-1185 100-1125 2200 1640 1200

Standard Features

  • External handles for ease of positioning
  • Adjustable internal pack height
  • Profiled hooks for attachment of optional safety net
  • Fully automatic mechanism
  • Segmented interchanged rubber pads
  • Painted bright orange for safety

Fork Mounted Skip Compactor

skip compactor

The Fork Mounted Skip Compactor is designed to achieve optimum skip capacity. Waste is usually deposited into the yard skip and taken away once full. However, in most cases the skip is 30-45 percent full of fresh air. The Skip Compactor significantly reduces this and subsequently reduces the number of collections required and money spent in doing so.

Model Weight (kg) C of G (mm) Length (mm) Width (mm) Height (mm)
ISC-1 1000 390 800 1500 320
ISC-2 2000 390 800 1500 600

Standard Features

  • Adjustable height to suit up to 8 foot deep skips
  • Heel pin locking for the safe attachment to forklift truck
  • Robust and sturdy construction
  • Painted bright orange for safety


  • Position the forks to the correct distance apart to locate into fork pockets.
  • Remove the safety lynch pin and fork pocket heel pins.
  • Drive the forks fully into the fork pockets.
  • Insert fork pocket heel pins directly behind the heel of the fork and attach safety lynch pin into hole provided.
  • Remove Height Adjustment Pin in the main vertical box section to adjust compactor height to suit waste/skip height.
  • Once the desired position is achieved, insert the Adjustment Pin into the aligned holes and attach the safety lynch pin into the hole provided.
  • The attachment is now ready for use.

For more specialized forklift attachments, visit this page, https://merlin-industrial.co.uk/specialized-forklift-attachments/

For forklift attachments like extensions, visit the shop here,https://merlin-industrial.co.uk/product-category/handling-products/forklift-attachments/

For advice and enquiries, please contact Merlin Industrial products Ltd direct.


Auto-leveling trolleys

With the new auto-levelling trolleys designed for parcels and packages, Merlin now have an extensive range of trolleys, all designed to lower and raise items depending on the weight.

The auto-levelling helps prevent back problems in the workplace and, has the added bonus of increasing productivity, making this a win-win solution for an industrial application.

The new auto-levelling trolley is shown in more detail at the following link. https://merlin-industrial.co.uk/self-levelling-trolleys-for-packages/

auto-levelling trolley

For more self-levelling trolleys, please see below and contact Merlin Industrial products Ltd

Self Levelling Trolley GS9226

GS9126 Self Levelling Trolley
GS9126 Self Levelling Trolley
  • Constructed from Galvanised Steel sides & ends
  • Fully welded frame & exterior grade plywood deck
  • Unloaded Height : 800 mm
  • Overall Dimensions 935 L x 730 W x 932 mm High
  • 125 mm Cushion Rubber Wheels
  • Capacity 100 kg
  • Weight empty 50 kg
  • Model GS9226
  • Please note long lead times exceeding 8 to 10 weeks

Self Levelling Trolley – Bag version

GS9125 Self Levelling Trolley - Bag Version

  • Reinforced Heavy Duty PVC bag
  • Fully welded frame & exterior grade plywood deck
  • Unloaded Height : 650 mm
  • Overall Dimensions 935 L x 730 W x 932 mm High
  • 125 mm Cushion rubber wheels
  • Capacity 100 kg
  • Weight empty 40 kg
  • Model GS9125
  • Please note, long lead times exceeding 8 to 10 weeks

Dirty Linen Carts with Spring loaded bases

aluminium self levelling trolley


  • Lightweight Aluminium body
  • Spring Loaded baseplate that rises and falls
  • Available in 3 x size options (see below)
  • Wrap around bumper to base
  • Heavy duty 200 mm castors for easy manoeuvrability
  • Spring capacity options 35/50/100 kg
  • Dimensions – 1100 x 600 x 560 mm high
  • Small 1000 x 420 – Spring capacity 35 kg
  • Medium 1000 x 600 – Spring capacity 50 kg
  • Large 1000 x 640 – Spring capacity 100 kg

Download the Linen and Housekeeping Leaflet

Aluminium Hospital and Laundry Self-LevellingTrolley.

The W161 Aluminium Trolley comes with a spring-loaded base that keeps the load at a constant height for easy access, offering a manual handling solution for hospitals and laundry rooms.

W161 Aluminium Trolley

Depending on the type of trolley, the load capability can be varied from 30 to 195 kg in increments of 15 kg by replaceable lifting elements.

W161 Aluminium Trolley Underside


  • Edge profile reinforced with abrasion-resistant plastic padding.
  • Trolley with vertically moveable base which keeps the load at constant height for easy access.
  • The moveable base does not tilt, even when loaded on only one side.
  • 2 swivel and 2 fixed castors, 125 Diameter mm,  easy running, rubber wheels, “non-marking”
  • Castors arranged centrally for easy manoeuvring. Even in the most confined spaces.
  • Corner-mounted running gear available if required.
  • Five different Models 40644, 40645, 40646 and 40647

Manufactured in the UK Spring Lift Trolleys

As well as the spring lift trolleys above, we have the following range that is manufactured to order offering a wider range of sizes and colours.

self levelling trolley yellow

Self-levelling units are ideally located in situations that require a worker to be bending and lifting in their workplace.
By using a self levelling unit, the possibilities of a worker injuring their back are greatly reduced.
The panto-graph works by a spring system that is set at a pre-calculated rate.
Each time an object is placed on the table-top, it lowers a little, leaving the item at a reachable height.
The reverse happens when removing objects from the unit, each time an object is removed the table-top rises, ensuring the items are always at the top of the unit to ease back problems in the workplace.
Self-levelling units can be placed in most straight sided containers.
Please find below a list of our most popular sizes.
Standard delivery is 3 to 5 weeks, as all these units are manufactured to order.