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Abzorbit Absorbents

Manufactured in the USA and now sold here in the UK.  Abzorbit is a non-toxic, organic blend of minerals that are combined in a manufacturing process to make the most effective and efficient absorbent available.

Abzorbit absorbent granules

Abzorbit turns a wet or damp spill into a dry powder. Abzorbit is capable of absorbing liquid and/or semi-liquid spills of animal, mineral, chemical or vegetable based substances. This lightweight premium product is non- toxic, non-flammable and environmentally safe and friendly. This product will not harm asphalt, cement, carpet, tile, soil, and animal or plant life.

Abzorbit can be used without cloth or paper towels. Just sweep or vacuum to remove. Abzorbit can be used in the kitchen, workshop, garage, vehicles, laundry rooms or any other room where you may have a spill.
Abzorbit is also a superior product to use in commercial and industrial applications.


Coffee, Tea, Wine, Soft Drinks, Body Fluids, Liquid Detergents.

Oils, Eggs, Soft Drinks, Body Fluids, Animal Accidents, Grease.

Paint, Transmission Fluid, Paint Thinner, Varnish, Gasoline, Kerosene, Oil, Antfreeze, Grease, Pool Chemicals.
Any other Liquid:

Except Hydrofluoric Acid.

Abzorbit absorbents



Surround and cover leak. Use a broom and work in a circular manner Sweep or Vacuum away


ABZORBIT, when used properly, does not release the material absorbed into landfills; it is non-biodegradable.

  • ABZORBIT has passed the EPA’s, TCLP (Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure) and PFT (Paint Filter Test).


  • ABZORBIT leaves no residue, therefore no slip hazards
  • ABZORBIT is completely safe to use; no health hazards or carcinogenicity.
  • ABZORBIT weighs only 5 KG., as compared to 25 KG for clay-based “ kitty-litter” type absorbents. Thus, it is much easier to handle, greatly reducing the risk of back injury to employees and resultant Workman’s Compensation claims.

Helpful Hints

PAINT (oil and/ or water-based)
When cleaning up a paint spill, speed is most important. However, if the paint has begun to dry, use paint thinner for oil based and water for water based to rewet the spill. Then follow the normal how to use instructions. A medium to stiff bristle broom is recom- mended for this application.

Gasoline/Diesel/Jet Fuels: These products absorbed with ABZORBIT will still be flammable. ABZORBIT will decrease flammability immediately but not completely.

Hydraulic/Brake and Transmissions Fluid/Motor Oil: Follow how to use instructions. ABZORBIT becomes saturated when you can no longer see any white powder. If ABZORBIT turns to a paste, remove the top coat and reapply ABZORBIT.

MOTOR OIL/Existing Stains: Rewet the stain with a degreaser, (Greased Lighting or Purple, etc.) work in with a broom. Immediately follow normal instructions. Repeat until stain is mostly removed.
Grease: This may be a multi-step process. The first step is to remove what you can. Then reapply and continue until grease is absorbed. If ABZORBIT turns to a paste, remove top coat and reap- ply ABZORBIT. If spill is large the back of a garden rake or similar instrument may help cut into spill easier.

GLYCOL (antifreeze)
ABZORBIT will absorb antifreeze by following standard instructions.

FOOD SUBSTANCES – liquid or semiliquid
ABZORBIT will absorb Karo syrup, jams/jellies, peanut butter, vegetable oils, egg, mayonnaise, soft drinks/juices, etc. For all spills containing glass from the broken container apply ABZORBIT and work your broom in a circular pattern, then sweep up the glass and the absorbed liquid at the same time. This eliminates having to remove the glass first.

ABZORBIT works very fast on bodily fluids as well as helps to diminish the odor normally associated with these: Vomit, Urine, Blood.

CHEMICALS-hazardous & non-hazardous
ABZORBIT is a non-selective absorbent, with only one exception – do NOT use with Hydrofluoric Acid**. ABZORBIT absorbs herbi- cide, bases, alkalines, solvents, acids and 99% of any other liquid or semi-liquid may encounter.


Do NOT attempt to pick up Hydrofluoric Acid. The combination of ABZORBIT and Hydrofluoric Acid produces Tetra-Hydrofluoric Gas, a substance which can be lethal if inhaled.

Abzorbit Absorbents