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Welcome to the late October update. Just before Halloween and when the clocks go backwards an hour, making the early starts a bit lighter. Merlin have quite a few updates since the last news, three weeks ago. Most of these pages are updates, though there are a few exceptions. The Sysco library shelving is a brand-new storage system, primarily designed for archives and libraries but eminently suitable for a lot more storage solutions.

Whilst Merlin Industrial have mainly concentrated on those products that are a one-off purchase and last for years.  They can now offer UK manufactured absorbents in various formats such as socks, booms and sheets. These can be supplied as needed or on a call-off basis.

The Railway alcove/pod is now on its second iteration and can be supplied sans roof, allowing it to fit in tighter spaces.

November is already looking exciting with additional staff to help with the increased sales with new products based on giving UK businesses industrial and ecological benefits.

canvas laundry sack

Canvas Hotel Laundry Trolleys

Canvas Hotel Laundry Trolleys are ideal for the hospitality trade. Both of these units have a base frame which helps support the bottom of the sack, allowing numerous towels and sheets to be easily transported. 150 kg capacity.

atv tipping trolley

ATV Tipping Trailers

ATV Tipping Trailers are available in two capacities, 80 and 125 litres. It’s perfect for a wide variety of gardening tasks, but specially suited for moving garden waste. The tray tips for easy removal of gardening waste and large pneumatic wheels ensures ease of use over the roughest of terrains. Video below.

Sysco Library ShelvingSysco Library Shelving

The Sysco library shelving system has been designed to offer attractive storage that is available in an expansive range of sizes. Popular in libraries, stores, medical facilities. Sysco® Library allows you to order a system to your specific needs.

Garment storage shelving

Garment Hanging Shelving System

Garment hanging shelving system– a racking system for fashion and charity retailers along with theatre and playgroups. Now available in chrome wire and suitable for retail storage. Modular and easily modified, so that extra bays can be added.

mobile steel drum bund

Mobile Drum Pallets

Mobile Drum Pallets that are easy to move. The capability to move drums and containers around whilst preventing the leakage of potentially harmful chemicals is what these products offer. Some companies prefer to move chemicals to outside or different areas for dispensing, which is where these products excel.

chemial absorbant socks

Chemical Absorbents

Chemical absorbents for cleaning up various hazardous chemicals, including Hydrofluoric acids and many more hazardous leakages. Absorbents are one of the most cost-effective ways of containing and recovering spilt liquids. Having the correct type of product on site will allow you to manage any potential workplace spillage.

vertical drum storage

Vertical Drum Stores

Vertical Drum Stores as the name suggests, store the steel or plastic drums vertically so helping to reduce spillages. Some vertical drum stores have a bunded floor to comply with various chemical storage regulations.

railway carriage alcove seating

Acoustic Alcoves and Pods

Acoustic Alcoves and Pods are a new and exciting variation of sound proofed booths, that mixes bench seating with upholstered panels. The advantage of the upholstered backs is that they aid in absorbing noise and help make an area less susceptible to local noise pollution, such as large waiting areas and break out lounges at…

New for October 2021

Avalon Acoustic Seating

Avaoln soft seating pods

The Avalon soft seating swivel pod with 360° rotation reflects the change towards a comfortable, informal working environment. In open spaces, the tall sides and wings of these privacy booths create visual and acoustic privacy to support individual quiet time. Perfect for phone calls or one-on-one interactions, Avalon soft seating pods can be used independently for temporary re-generation or alongside each other to enhance collaborative working.

Avalon range of acoustic soft seating

Single-seater pod with swivel base
Avalon seating pod
  • Overall Width800
  • Overall Depth810
  • Overall Height1440
  • Perfect for collaborative areas as well as open-plan offices and enclosed spaces
  • Fully upholstered single workstation with fixed head rest and 360° swivel base
  • Head section with large acoustic wings which offer personal privacy
  • Contoured, symmetrical design reduces external noise and shields peripheral views

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Perfect acoustic hideaway.

Avalon Acoustic Seating

The world epidemic that is Covid-19 continues to rage across the planet with now more than 500,000 deaths.

Some countries fare better than others as they juggle the importance of their economies with the safety of their citizens.

freestanding steel screens

New Steel partition system that can be easily cleaned.

Within the current age of technology we feel that the cure should already have been invented and, by now be available at every health centre so that we can move on and plan that holiday, wedding, birthday party.

Unfortunately the cure is still not in sight and many people tire of the differences in their workstyles, be they from home, at work but with distancing measures or worse of all out of work or furloghed.

The staff at Merlin Industrial were fortunate in that they had the technology in place to work from several locations, and all of their workforce are well and able to answer enquiries along with offering some small bit of normalcy during the epidemic.

echo barrier cutting station

Need to make a din? then this cutting station system is for you.

If you have a requirement for an industrial product or need social distancing equipment to get back to work, contact them on their free 0800 0418 650 UK telephone and they will be keen to help you.

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