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Adjustable Shelving

The Merlin storage shop has been updated with the latest prices and savings. If you need Lockers, Tool Cabinets, Steel Pigeonhole Units, Industrial Cabinets and Hazardous Storage Cabinets. We also have a huge range of Shelving and Racking available as well, with quick deliveries perfect for that sudden inspection.

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Shelving and Racking Units, including Rivet Racking, Garment Racking, Reel Shelving, Heavy-Duty, Medium-Duty and even Racking complete with Storage Boxes for small parts storage. For all your Shelving, Racking, and Storage needs.

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QB2 adjustable shelving is one of the most versatile shelving systems available. Complete adaptability is just one benefit derived from a wide range of standard and specialist accessories. A comprehensive choice of bay sizes together with single and multi-tier options ensures maximum volume utilisation. QB2 excels in busy environments such as motor parts storage where flexibility is paramount. In the more sedate world of libraries, education and museums, the need for high density storage and individual accessibility is addressed by QB2 mounted onto mobile bases.

Shelves are supported on unique shelf carrier bars that are adjustable on 25mm centres. Shelves can be positioned to suit the products being stored with a minimum of wasted space and then, if required, easily and quickly relocated. Shelves and dividers have a ‘safe edge’ to the front and rear edges so that operatives are protected when working with the system which means that operatives work more efficiently in a safe environment. QB2 is supported by an extensive range of readily available, interchangeable accessories:- garment rails, bin fronts, louvred panels, part height and full

height dividers, drawers and doors.

QB2 Xtraspan shelving

The facility to span two 900mm wide bays is one of the major design features of the Xtraspan beam. In a high bay or multi-tier configuration short span shelving at the lower level can be spanned with Xtraspan at a higher level, a simple means of achieving bulk storage and individual product selection within the same system. Utilising the standard QB2 framework Xtraspan beams can be incorporated into a conventional short-span shelving layout or used as a very cost effective wide access system.

When used in conjunction with QB2 shelving, louvred back panels and louvred panel end frames make optimum use of the available storage capacity. Consider using Metabins on shelves for a cost-effective shelving / bin combination. The profiled tab prevents the container from being accidentally pulled off the shelf.

QB2 Mobile shelving

QB2 can be built in a single tier, two tier, high bay, oversailing floor or mobile configuration. We can offer the most appropriate format to suit your individual requirements so your current and future needs are not restricted. No matter where storage is required, quality is always important. This is reflected in an aesthetically pleasing design and superior finish. The best solution to any storage situation is often the simplest.

QB2 is simply – Quite the Best Solution.As an ISO 9001 accredited company and a founder member of the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association (S.E.M.A.) metalraxstorage promote and adhere to the design standards set out in the Association’s Interim Code of Practice for low-rise and high-rise static steel shelving and mobile shelving.

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Adjustable Shelving