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Apple iPad Desk Arm

SS Series iPad, iPad 2 and new iPad 3 Desk Mounted Security Enclosure

iPad arm for desk mounting front view
iPad arm for desk mounting front view

The ErgoMounts Super Slim adjustable iPad arm is one of the most stylish solutions currently on the market.
The unique ErgoMounts anti-tamper security enclosure is manufactured from a single piece of aluminium; each version is designed to the exact dimensions of the iPad, iPad 2 and the new iPad 3.

iPad arm for desk mounting back view
As standard, each enclosure is provided with the home and power buttons covered and the power/
data socket enclosed in the casing (can accommodate both Apple & Griffin connectors). The headphone socket is also accessible as standard, and tiny holes exist so volume can be adjusted and power button operated (a fine stylus is required to fit these holes).

Other options (for example covering the headphone socket, providing a stylus hole on the home button cover) are available: please contact us to discuss your individual requirements.
Such exacting design ensures that the security enclosure cannot be removed from the mount
making it suitable for use in environments populated by the general public – for example at exhibitions and in reception areas.

They are also ideal as point of sale or digital signage solutions.
The super slim stand provides height, reach, tilt, angle left to right and portrait to landscape movement.
The 10mm diameter stem connects two Teflon coated ball joints that each provide 37.5° of movement in all directions.
Aluminium finish.

Arm Ext.:                          300mm
Height Adjust:                    0mm
Tilt Adjustment:                 +/-37.5°
Swivel:                             +/-37.5°
Orientation:                       Landscape to portrait
Colour:                              Silver
Touch Screen Stable:           Yes
Product Warranty:               1 Year

Apple iPad Desk Arm