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Bad Weather

Due to a combination of recent unprecedented weather conditions, as in parcels being shipped during the upcoming holiday period and resulting issues across the UK’s transport infrastructure, we have to inform you that our Wrapide service via the UPS network is experiencing major delays across the UK with Scotland worst hit.

This issue is not unique to UPS as all the major parcel carriers are experiencing the same challenges. UPS are continuing to work through their back log of parcels whilst managing the increased number of parcels encountered through this busy holiday; whilst many UPS centres have confirmed deliveries are running as normal, with the majority of the remaining expected to be back to normal within the next 72 hours, a few areas in Scotland remain subject to delays between 7 and 10 days.

UPS have confirmed that their Glasgow and Edinburgh centres are unlikely to clear the current backlog until Christmas Eve and as such we cannot guarantee deliveries to these regions prior to Christmas via the UPS network.

Bad Weather in the UK affects UPS