Battery Powered Picking Truck

ERGOBJ.–RN producing Trolleys since 1958

Easy to operate in narrow aisles these 24 volt electric picking trucks offer a complete solution for distribution companies.  Small turn radius allows for more compact storage and greater savings.  A single operator can now drive, reach and collect / store parts and products.
 Electric Picking Trucks
  • Light weight and suitable for mezzanine floors.
  • Choice of Steps and storage such as roll cages can be fitted to the same truck.
  • Valve regulated maintenance free gel batteries
  • No specialist charging room required
  • Towing capacity 1000kg
  • Weight Including Batteries just 255kg
  • Suitable for Minimum aisle width of 1300mm
  • Wide range of accessories
  • Manufactured in Europe

Download or View the Electric Picking Truck