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Buronomic Office and Meeting Furniture

Six more exciting ranges of desking and tables from Buronomic with detailed brochures for each of the ranges. For more information click on the Read More links.

Style curved executive desks


Astro Direction executive furniture
For a sober desk with pure lines, choose Astro Direction. Assert your position and status with the new black finish. The range will also blend harmoniously with your work environment.
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Patience break out furniture
2 out of 3 employees consider that the coffee break is a good opportunity to socialise and make friends. Furnish your coffee rooms with gently curved furniture to relax for a few moments.

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Style Curved executive desking
With its generous shapes, the Style executive desk reflects your personality and will portray the right image to your visitors. The combination of different materials gives this executive desk a stylish and contemporary look.

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Success meeting room tables
On average, an executive attends 62 meetings every month. Choose from our Succes range to ensure comfortable and friendly meetings. Functional and ergonomic, our conference tables are also highly modular.

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Couleur colourful operator desks
According to a survey conducted by Actinéo, you can increase your productivity between 5 and 10 % just by choosing a colourful and vibrant desk. Available in single and multiple workstations, our Couleur range is also ergonomic and attractively priced.

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Retro task furniture
70% of employees are unhappy with their existing office layout and would like to renew their furniture. Choose our Retro range, an authentic and timeless design, offering modularity and high functionality.

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Buronomic Office and Meeting Furniture