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Cardboard Recycle Bins

Since October 2007 Government Regulations have stated that all businesses must recycle part of their waste.

This page contains products which are manufactured from sustainably sourced materials, which also contain a high percentage of recycled paper fibres. To minimise ‘manufacturing miles’ all products are made in the UK. From site of manufacturing to the distribution centre is 99 miles (Chinese Imports typically 11,000 miles)

UK recycling bins

Green Bin & Liners This product offers a low cost & effective entry into any waste paper recycling initiative, whilst enhancing the office environment by being a practical and fun to use product.

The re-usable ‘Green Bin Liners’ prolong the life of the bin, whilst enabling the contents to be easily removed and identified as ‘Recycled Waste’ rather than ‘Landfill Waste’.

Green Bin Liners are on a continuous roll with tear off perforations which assist with storage and dispensing.

With around 80% of all office paper waste being of good recyclable quality, a recycling initiative such as this will have a major impact on reducing landfill waste, whilst putting a ‘stick in the ground’ for future goals in carbon footprint reduction.

Size: 360mm W x 677mm H
Capacity: 60 litres
Material: Up to 80% Recycled Corrugated Board
Sustainable Source: Yes
Biodegradable: Yes
Manufactured in: UK
Manufacturing Miles: 99

Greenbin recycle bin

Available with or without plastic liners

Deskside Recycling Unit This slimline desk recycling unit fits snugly at the end and beneath the lip of your desk.

There are four compartments for the storage and separation of:

Cans – Plastic – Paper – Waste

The four bin units are held in place with one common lid and base.

Having a waste compartment included within the recycling bank allows users to deposit all material in one visit. The smaller combined unit also allows more bins to be conveniently situated in an office environment, rather than having to visit more remote and (less used) larger bins.

Manufactured in the UK and made from up to 80% recycled fluted board, the Deskside Unit aims to be a product with a low carbon footprint. From our manufacturing site to our storage and distribution centre is only 99 miles.

The patented ‘drop out base’ allow full loads to be accessed by lifting the body of the bin unit in an upward direction, leaving the full sack in base ready for removal.

Optional bin liners facilitate easy removal of the contents, whilst the see through liners allow identification of the contents.

Capacity: 42 litres (4 x 20 litres)
Size: 700mm H x 400mm W x 250 D
Material: Fluted Corrugated Board
Recycled Content: 80%
Sustainable Source: Yes
Biodegradable: Yes
Manufactured in: UK
Manufacturing Miles: 99

Deskside Recycling bins for the office

Available with or without plastic liners

Pedestal Recycling Bin The ‘Pedestal Recycling Bin’ was developed for two purposes, firstly so that commonly used recycling bins could be kept beneath a desk out of sight, and secondly to ensure they were used effectively.

The ‘Pedestal Recycling Bin’ facilitates the effective depositing of recyclable waste. This discreet unit allows more bins to be conveniently situated in an office environment, rather than having to visit more remote and less used receptacles. By allowing your office workers to separate waste at source it will lead to greater care, participation, willingness and accuracy in the separation of your waste.

The blank ‘identity’ panel at the front and back of the lid enables the nature of your recycling bin to be flexible. Four labels are supplied for suggested recycling uses, and a further four (pealable) labels can be customised by running them through your own coloured inkjet or laser printer.

Three visibility holes in the front will allow cleaners to gauge if the bin requires emptying

Use with Green Bin (Re-Usable) Liners: 402573

Capacity: 42 litres
Size: 620mm H x 250mm W x 400 D
Material: Fluted Corrugated Board
Recycled Content: Up to 80%
Sustainable Source: Yes
Biodegradable: Yes
Manufactured in: UK
Manufacturing Miles: 99

Underdesk Pedestal Recycling bin

Desk Top Recycling Trays

Designed to take A4 paper, flat pack ready for assembly, overprint available (minimum 1,200)

Height: 90mm H (front) 60mm H (rear)

Sustainable Source: Yes

Biodegradable: Yes

Recyclable: Yes

Manufactured in: UK

Manufacturing Miles to Distribution Point: 99 miles

Size: 310mm L x 230mm D

Capacity: 500 sheets of paper

Material: 50% Recycled Corrugated Board

Desktop recycle trays

The ‘reusable’ recycling bin liners are manufactured from ‘Virgin’ Polythene. This creates a lower carbon footprint than manufacturing a bag containing recycled material.

By using ‘Virgin’ material you are able to maintain an accurate and consistent degree of strength in the bags.

Bags which contain ‘regrind’ (recycled) filler have to be ‘over-engineered’ to overcome the fluctuations in poor quality regrind material that is used in the batch.

Ethylene is a ‘by product’ of refining petrol. Barrels of oil are not used specifically to produce Polythene

Around 40% more carbon is produced in manufacturing a recycled bag over a virgin polythene bag

Key Product Data

  • Bins & Liners manufactured in the UK (Low carbon footprint)
  • Bins manufactured from recycled fluted board
  • Recycled contents of bins up to 80% (typically around 70%)
  • Fluted Board is from sustainable source
  • Bin Liners are reusable (biodegradable bags cannot be recycled)
  • Bins are Biodegradable
  • Manufacturing miles = 99 (China typically 11,000 miles)
  • Manufacturing miles’ is the distance between the manufacturing point and the UK storage and distribution centre.
  • The Bin Liners are manufactured from a ‘by product’ of petrol refining (Ethylene). It takes less energy to manufacture a virgin polythene liner than is does to manufacture a recycled bin liner. Unlike biodegradable liners, our polythene liners can be recycled. No barrels of oil are used specifically to make Polythene.

Our reusable bin liners are clear, this enables the contents of the bin to be clearly identified as recycled waste and not landfill waste.

Government ‘Pre Treatment’ regulations came into force October 2007. These regulations stipulate that all businesses must recycle part of their waste.

Landfill tax is increasing every year, making the disposal of conventional waste more expensive. Recycling may enable you to reduce your waste disposal costs.

Effective recycling is all about: Presentation – Communication – Participation

Let us know the model and quantity you require and we will e-mail you a competitive quotation within one working day.
Please call 0845 124 9955 for the latest prices and information or use the Contact Us form if outside UK Office Hours
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Cardboard Recycle Bins