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Cemo pumps and site storage products are manufactured in Germany and available in the UK from Merlin Industrial Products Ltd. Merlin not only supply the UK but export with a recent CEMO product going to the exclusive Body Holiday resort in St Lucia.

Cemo products in the UK

DT-Mobile Easy

– Fully assembled
– Tested CEMO quality
– Single-walled polyethelene
– Integral delivery nozzle holder
– Integral filling tube
– Integral vent with pressure relief
– Integral forklift pockets and handles
– Integral recesses and loops for
securing straps during transport
Electric pump CENTRI SP30

– 25 L/min self-priming electric pump
– Automatic delivery nozzle
– Submersible pump (no danger of
overheating, saves place on top of tank)

CEMO mobile diesel pumpFor more information on CEMO products please visit this link.

CEMO Mobile Diesel Pumps UK