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Cloakroom Furniture

We now have a huge range of Bar Trucks and Trolleys designed for use in pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants. These trolleys are used primarily for the storage of empty bottles and general waste. Our range of bar trucks are manufactured from a medium-density polyethylene, a tough and durable material, which is UV resistant. Available in various different sizes and colours.

They are easy to clean, can be stacked inside each other for easy storage and all have castors on the bottom to make them easy to move around.

Please do get in contact with the size and quantity that you’re after, a few examples below:

Product Code E950
All Measurements in mm
External Length 965
External Width 381
External Height 609
Internal Length 860
Internal Width 265
Internal Height 549
Capacity (litres) 166
Cubic Feet 5.81
Weight (KG) 7
Material MDPE









Product Code E920
All measurements in mm
External Length 609
External Width 457
External Height 736
Internal Length 500
Internal Width 350
Internal Height 660
Capacity (litres) 151
Cubic Feet 5.29
Weight (KG) 6.1
Material MDPE









Product Code E930
All measurements in mm
External Length 812
External Width 475
External Height 609
Internal Length 700
Internal Width 345
Internal Height 545
Capacity (litres) 167
Cubic Feet 5.85
Weight (KG) 6
Material MDPE









Product Code E940
All measurements in mm
External Length 660
External Width 609
External Height 635
Internal Length 570
Internal Width 510
Internal Height 560
Capacity (litres) 187
Cubic Feet 6.55
Weight (KG) 7.1
Material MDPE









Product Code E968
Mesurements in mm
External Length 970
External Width 670
External Height 710
Internal Length 830
Internal Width 520
Internal Height 610
Capacity (litres) 304
Cubic Feet 10.64
Weight (KG) 15.6
Material MDPE








NEW – Bar Trucks and Trolleys

Cloakroom Furniture

Cloakroom furniture includes benches, shoe racks and coat rack bars. As well as the products shown below we have a new range of unbreakable coat hooks in a wide range of colours to either update or renew your existing cloakroom area.

Cloakroom Furniture

Cloakroom Furniture

Cloakroom furniture is always popular in “Summer” as the educational market updates and renews it’s current cloakroom furnishings. We now have large stocks ready to deliver and great prices. Sports clubs and centres can also benefit from these savings so please contact us soon.

As well as the Cloakroom Furniture shown below we can offer coat rails with unbreakable coat hooks, shoe baskets and Lockers in Mesh, Steel, Stainless Steel, Wood and laminate.

Please call 01752 690622 if you have any questions or would like further information.

Cloakroom furniture for the UK
Cloakroom furniture for the UK
Unbreakable coathooks in 10 different colours
Unbreakable coat hooks in 10 different colours

Cloakroom Furniture