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The new site continues to gain popularity with lots of new content and many new products in the online shop. (

Biox Wood based plastic containers

Biox Wood based plastic containers are a sustainable bioplastic range of storage containers for industrial applications. The carbon-neutral contains 90% of wood based material and is a collaboration between Woodly and Treston.

Biox eco wood plastic containers

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Aluminium and Polymer Shelving

Aluminium shelving is an ideal alternative to stainless steel and offers dramatic cost savings. The shelving is also ideal for environments corrosive to normal steel shelving, such as wet areas, Freezers and cold rooms. The Eko shelving below comprises Aluminium frames and Polymer/Plastic shelving panels for maximum hygiene control.

Eko Fit Aluminium Polymer shelving

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News for August 2022

The paper version of out 2018 Storage catalogue has been available in print for over a month now and for busy buyers and specifiers looking for a simpler medium we now have the catalogue online in the popular flip style.

2018 Racking and ShelvingTo see a wide range of shelving, racking and various storage products please view our flip catalogue or contact us for the printed version.


Storage Catalogue for 2018