Work after COVID-19

In the United Kingdom, the end of the current pandemic restrictions are currently ending in June. Many more people are returning to work in offices and factories.

We need to be aware that with the ensuing multiple congregations at the workspace that there could still be risks from mutated viruses and future bugs.

Office workspace future protectionFor work areas with plenty of space the solutions are a lot easier and for compact spaces not so much.

Use of screens at places where staff gather will help keep infections at bay.

Canteen glass scrreensDuring the COVID-19 situation technology has progressed, and we now have New door handles and seating that are both antibacterial and inexpensive to implement.

Staff working in proximity now have glass or perspex screens that offer added protection.

Reception glass screensSneeze screens also help stop future flu and common colds from being transmitted. Lower staff sickness and days lost.

Stericore door furnitureProtect your staff from future outbreaks. Plan now for future disruptions. Responsible actions now will help us all return to normality faster.Decrotive glass screens at a doorway Decorative glass panels at a door entrance.

COVID-19 protection items designed to be attractive. Still relevant after this virus has finally gone!

If any of the above products are of interest contact Merlin Industrial Products Ltd

Covid 2021 News

Be safe at work

There have been reports of over 60 suspected Covid outbreaks in offices in the first 2 weeks of the current 2021 lockdown in England as many businesses are asking employees to still come into offices rather than work from home. Our acrylic desktop protection screens reduce the risk of airborne germs between colleagues whilst still enabling them visibility, and new for 2021 our acrylic fixed desktop screens, free-standing screens and screen toppers are available with new brackets for enhanced stability.


Protective Screen Solutions

The modern office is going to have to adapt to ensure employees can maintain social distancing guidelines and limit the risk of airborne germs between colleagues. Dams is a Cabinet office approved supplier of compliant products for back to work solutions, and we’ve updated our Protective Screens catalogue for 2021 featuring our desktop and floor screens designed to make the workplace Covid-secure.

Like the Flu it is envisaged that Covid will be with us for a long time with possible annual injections. Please stay safe and be aware of your own personal safety.


Covid-19 related products

White Rabbits x3

Welcome to October and as my mother used to say White Rabbits three times before midday would bring you luck! If you missed it do not worry as I gather it does not matter which month it is.

With 15 million unemployed across Europe due the Covid-19 and its effects, industries are under pressure to try and get their staff safely back to work and with the furlough scheme due to finish this month along with Brexit it’s going to be a feature packed 32 days.

On a less important note Merlin have added the 10-year guaranteed handles to the Online shop. Click on the picture to see the prices.

antibacterial door furniture

New for the shop and also Covid-19 related are the touchpads, an ingenious method of dispelling virus killing gel only when you touch the door.

These do need recharging once depleted though prices are affordable, and they should also be available from the shop soon or call 01752 690622 and ask for Georgina who has trialled the pads and knows everything.

Have you “Bin” outside?

Bubble bin at work in Europe 800

Popular in Europe, especially Germany the Bubble Bin is now available within the UK with 360 and 600 litres capacity.

Two notable additions for October are the Oil Windows and Machine mounts.
push fit oil level windows The Oil windows offer Swiss optics with a very wide range of sizes and fitments and the page can be reached by clicking on the picture above.

Machine Feet and Anti-vibration mounts

These anti-vibration machine mounts have been used by our sister company Meddings, for nearly 50 years to prevent vibration and also offer a levelling method for a wide range of machine tools. We can now offer this direct to companies and manufacturers in the UK and some popular mounts are shown below.

anti-vibration mounts

That wraps up the news for the beginning of October 2020, and we hope that everyone stays safe and finds some solace in the days to come.