Deformable Parking Posts

Pole Cone

This range of Deformable Posts is ideal for highway, verge and urban environments. These Posts are easy to deform and quick to rebound after being struck by a vehicle or being driven over. Testing shows that after one thousand impacts the post still returns to its original position offering significantly reduced maintenance costs for many traffic management applications. A threaded anchor allows for quick installation.

flexible parking posts

flexible pole road cone

City Cone

The City Cone, available in two diameters, is specifically designed for urban areas. Based on the Pole Cone it is more rigid and has two high visibility bands and two rings of reflective glass beads. It looks similar to a traditional cast iron bollard but as it is deformable it offers a cost effective alternative with low maintenance costs. Posts may easily and quickly be removed for special events using the installation tool supplied separately.

City traffic cone and bollard

Pole Cone PC-65NSRW-BS650mmPOA
Pole Cone PC-80NSRW-BS800mmPOA
Pole Cone PC-100NSRW-BS1000mmPOA
City Cone DK-7BS-M80 – 80mm dia.800mmPOA
City Cone DK-8BS-M80 – 130mm dia.800mmPOA
Installation Spanner for Embedded AnchorPOA
Resin for Embedded Anchor (with 2 nozzles) 280mlPOA
Mastic GunPOA
Spare embedded anchors – aluminium castingPOA
Rubber cap for embedded anchorPOA
Core drill bit – diameter 60mmPOA

Manufactured from a high quality Polyurethane material posts do not require any after care, are resistant to salt and chemical attack and have reflective bands for increased high visibility.