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Easimover with Prices

The easimover has been designed to make heavy objects much easier to move – hence the name.  Using a clever patented design of a low friction mat along with straps everything that can be fitted on the mat can be slid from one place to another even down stairs!

Pricing correct April 6th 2010.

The General Purpose measuring 1m x 66cm, price £116.00 excl vat. inc. carriage.
The Multi-Purpose which measures 1.25m x 66cm and has longer straps at one end to enable the product to be used on slopes, steps and stairs, price £142.00 excl vat. inc. carriage.
There are other sizes from small, up to 1m x 2m, and which are made to order.
Both General Purpose and Multi-Purpose are available for immediate delivery. For larger numbers it would be two weeks delivery.
The product can be used on all types of surfaces as the polyethylene base is self-healing, but if it is to be used on delicate or polished surfaces a textile Accessory Mover could be included at £39.00 extra as well. Also the product can conveniently be rolled up for easy storage and carriage.

The picture below shows how easy it is to move a washing machine and more examples are shown below.

Move washing machines and  freezers with ease

  • Household furniture, cookers, fridges, freezers,
    washing machine
  • Heavy pots, plants, bags of compost, garden waste
    (up to tree trunks!)
  • Bricks, breeze blocks, bags of cement
  • Filing cabinets, cupboards, desks & computer equipment

And some of the more unusual ones…

  • Safes, Hot Tubs and Cashpoint Machines!

So simple you’ll be saying “Why didn’t I think of that!”

close-up detail

Easimover is effectively an oversized “mat”. Being only 6mm thick, the Easimover provides the perfect solution for negotiation of heavy or awkward objects on and off it by simply sliding or gently walking the item onto the mat – without any lifting!

With a ribbed non slip rubber face providing maximum grip for items placed on it, improving load stability, Easimover is also backed by a base made of a tough polyethylene self healing abrasion resistant material for repeated use without wear. The low friction nature of this material also allows for smooth movement across the toughest of surfaces.

The Easimover has four straps positioned in each corner that are reinforced with nylon stitching and rivet fixings to increase strength and improve the longevity of the product.

An Easimover Accessory Pad is also available for vinyl, wooden, rubber, tiled or marble flooring and as well as preventing surface scratches, this pad provides an even smoother movement over “non traditional” floorcoverings.

pulling straps

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Easimover with Prices