Plastic Tray Storage Furniture

SPLASH is our new colourful range of storage units with a coloured pelmet and plinth with matching Gratnells tray colours, a brilliant way to brighten up every teacher’s environment. All units are manufactured from 18mm MFC with 2mm impact resistant ABS edging.

Carcasses are available in Maple or Beech.

The units are all delivered with castors which gives you the choice of either a mobile or static unit.

Splash trays storage

NEW – Bar Trucks and Trolleys

We now have a huge range of Bar Trucks and Trolleys designed for use in pubs, bars, hotels and restaurants. These trolleys are used primarily for the storage of empty bottles and general waste. Our range of bar trucks are manufactured from a medium-density polyethylene, a tough and durable material, which is UV resistant. Available in various different sizes and colours.

They are easy to clean, can be stacked inside each other for easy storage and all have castors on the bottom to make them easy to move around.

Please do get in contact with the size and quantity that you’re after, a few examples below:

Product Code E950
All Measurements in mm
External Length 965
External Width 381
External Height 609
Internal Length 860
Internal Width 265
Internal Height 549
Capacity (litres) 166
Cubic Feet 5.81
Weight (KG) 7
Material MDPE









Product Code E920
All measurements in mm
External Length 609
External Width 457
External Height 736
Internal Length 500
Internal Width 350
Internal Height 660
Capacity (litres) 151
Cubic Feet 5.29
Weight (KG) 6.1
Material MDPE









Product Code E930
All measurements in mm
External Length 812
External Width 475
External Height 609
Internal Length 700
Internal Width 345
Internal Height 545
Capacity (litres) 167
Cubic Feet 5.85
Weight (KG) 6
Material MDPE









Product Code E940
All measurements in mm
External Length 660
External Width 609
External Height 635
Internal Length 570
Internal Width 510
Internal Height 560
Capacity (litres) 187
Cubic Feet 6.55
Weight (KG) 7.1
Material MDPE









Product Code E968
Mesurements in mm
External Length 970
External Width 670
External Height 710
Internal Length 830
Internal Width 520
Internal Height 610
Capacity (litres) 304
Cubic Feet 10.64
Weight (KG) 15.6
Material MDPE








Colourful Bespoke Furniture

Please find a few of the previous designs that have been manufactured and supplied around the UK.

Specialising in wooden furniture we can provide you a quick and economical service whether you are a child care service or a University.

If you would like to know more or would like a price for something please contact Merlin Industrial Products Ltd.
Bespoke wooden furnitureMerlin Main Site

Educational Furniture 2016

Most educational establishments order new furniture during the summer holidays so that the chairs and tables are with them for the start on the next term in September.

Please order early to avoid the rush and to make sure you get your order on time.

Titan educational furniture

Contact Merlin Industrial Products on 0845 124 9955 or with your orders and enquiries.

School Coat and Bag storage

Tailored educational storage for schools and nurseries where coats can be stored on coat hooks and all other items such as bags in a receptacle below.

Coat and bag storage for schools

The image above shows a purpose built unit that caters for heating and plumbing pipes and uses all available space.

For a unit for your school please send us a sketch of your available space and how many students you wish to cater to.

More educational furniture from Merlin Industrial Products Ltd and contact details.

Now every classroom can be an ICT room!

Bretford have recently become the exclusive distributor of POD Desking products. These mobile integrated ICT desks enable your customer to convert even the most limited space into an ICT room. Simply fold down the sides and the desks can be easily wheeled between rooms and set up in seconds!

The unique design creates an excellent group learning cluster environment, a format which was highlighted by the 2004 Becta report to significantly increase teaching and learning rates.


POD Desking is ideal if a school wants to use PC?s but does not have the room for an ICT Suite, as well as offering another great solution for sharing expensive resources between classes.

The space saving design and versatility of the POD Desk also means schools can make better use of the space available. A teacher currently using the POD desks commented, ?The PODs have enabled us to now have 30 computers in the Media Suite (as opposed to the original set up of 16 computers in a smaller room), allowing the children to work on their own without sharing computers as before.?

?We wanted versatility so the desks would not be static and we could retain the option to change the set up.?

Models are also available with a unique Custom G5 Core Lock mount option, suitable for fitting the Apple iMac G5 range to the POD desks. This mount offers excellent security with the ability to swivel the screen for easy access to the CD drive and ports

For more information on the NEW POD Desking range contact Merlin on 0845 124 9955






3 User Mobile PC Desk



4 User Mobile PC Desk



6 User Mobile PC Desk



6 User Mobile Laptop Desk



Pop-up Folding PC Desk


POD Port

inc. 2 x USB, 1 x Headphone & 1 x Mic Port



Locking swivel mount for iMac G5?s


All prices exclude VAT and delivery


For further information or to arrange a demonstration please?

Call: 0845 124 9955



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