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Ergonomic lifting equipment

A range of lifting equipment designed for many applications including clean rooms. The PRONOMIC ergonomic Lift and Drive trolleys range from 60 – 225KG and come with a range of standard and bespoke attachments. We can supply stainless steel versions of these products that are suitable for clean room environments.

Stainless Steel clad devices are necessary for pharmaceutical type applications, for food and drink preparation areas and for specialised engineering and industrial areas.

A range of lifting equipment designed for many applications including clean rooms

The PRONOMIC ergonomic range has unique in built protection with the spindle drive and safety clutch, which comes as standard across the lift and drive models.

This prevents squeeze entrapment or the mast tilting. The squeeze overload protection will automatically disconnect the attachment (i.e. platform or boom) from the spindle drive if lifted upwards, so the only down force is the load itself.

warehouse, production and clean room stackers

PRONOMIC ergonomic trolley’s are designed to support the individual operator, application and environment. The Lift and Drive range is available in 2 models: E and P.  The difference is the weight capacity and some additional features including the foot brake on the P model.


  • Drum Handling
  • Roll and Reel Handling
  • Bespoke Lifting Trolleys
  • Pneumatic Vacuum Lifting
  • Vacuum Lifting
  • Ergonomic Lifting
  • Lifting Devices
  • Sack Handling
  • Clean Room Lifting
  • Work Position
  • Reel Core Gripper
  • Crane Systems

 Download the Pronomic Brochure which includes case studies

Ergonomic lifting equipment