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Ergonomic Seating

Performance, posture, and professional ergonomic seating for the office

Ergonomic seatin

For any office worker that spends a significant part of their day at their desk,
comfort is essential.

Ergonomics is all about enhancing your performance through good design
whilst also keeping you safe and healthy, and the TripleP range of performance chairs have been designed to best support the human body, focusing on
posture, comfort, and support.



Inspired by the bridge pose of yoga, the Shelby Bifma certified ergonomic chair ingeniously embraces a 3D dynamic dual-back to relieve the pressure felt by your lumbar region. Available in black or grey and with an optional headrest, Shelby makes activity a part of your working routine.


Sway ergonomic chair

The Sway operator chair provides harmony between form and function. Sway is all about encouraging movement, with a unique dynamic mechanism that allows for side-to-side movement of the mesh back, which helps users with twisting into unnatural positions to grab something just out of reach.


Elise office chair

Remarkable for style, comfort, and support, the Elise performance task chair has a breathable, supple all-mesh seat and back to promotes a more comfortable and productive work day, with a built-in lumbar mechanism that offers enhanced comfort and an integrated headrest for constant support.


Kacey Ergonomic chairs

Kacey is the definition of mesh back seating for the modern office and is the perfect chair for those who spend hours sitting at the computer and then quick to change between shifts. Tailor the chair to your shape with adjustable seat depth and fully adjustable 3D arms to suit the unique needs of the user.

For more information and prices, please contact Merlin Industrial.

Call 01752 690622 / 0800 0418 650 (UK)

New Ergonomic Office Seating

Leaning Chair on Kickstarter

Today we received an email regarding a Kickstarter project for a chair that you can use whilst standing up and it reduces the weight on your feet by 25%. That got me to thinking about the other chairs that we have that also offer ergonomic improvements and the sit-stand stool also fits in nicely with our last post on the sit stand desking.

Leaning Chair on KickstarterWe have added a link to the kickstarter project in case you are interested in seeing more of the above chair. Just click on the picture.

We have been selling the Kneeling chairs for many years and mostly to health workers who I suppose realise the risk of sitting for long periods of the time much better than the average person.

The Steel Kneeling chair is less than £60 including VAT

Steel kneeling chairWhilst the more popular Wooden Kneeling chair works out at £ 67 including VAT

Both pictures link to our secure online shop.

Wooden kneeling chair


As well as these we have Saddle chairs which look just like there description.

Saddle chair

And with further development you get the saddle seat with back.


A fully upholstered saddle seat, available in a range of colours and materials.

  • The Saddle stool was designed to help people with back problems.
  • The seating position both straightens and strengthens the spine. This relieves pressure on the discs and eases back pain.
  • Height Adjustment
  • 550-740 or 610-860mm


Adjustable Seat Angle Mechanism, Brake Loaded Castors, Height Adjustable by Foot, Arms.

Which brings us to the sit stand chair which offers further advantages over standing or sitting.

Sit stand chair


These sit stand stools are designed mainly for operators performing standing tasks e.g. Checkouts, machine operators, cell sewing machine operators etc. Ergonomically designed to take the weight of an operator whilst still allowing them to work at the same height as if stood.

Height adjustable with a non-swivel gas lift and constructed with a polyurethane seat that can be washed clean.

Height Adjustment




Alternative Chairs for Healthier Backs