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In the United Kingdom, the end of the current pandemic restrictions are currently ending in June. Many more people are returning to work in offices and factories.

We need to be aware that with the ensuing multiple congregations at the workspace that there could still be risks from mutated viruses and future bugs.

Office workspace future protectionFor work areas with plenty of space the solutions are a lot easier and for compact spaces not so much.

Use of screens at places where staff gather will help keep infections at bay.

Canteen glass scrreensDuring the COVID-19 situation technology has progressed, and we now have New door handles and seating that are both antibacterial and inexpensive to implement.

Staff working in proximity now have glass or perspex screens that offer added protection.

Reception glass screensSneeze screens also help stop future flu and common colds from being transmitted. Lower staff sickness and days lost.

Stericore door furnitureProtect your staff from future outbreaks. Plan now for future disruptions. Responsible actions now will help us all return to normality faster.Decrotive glass screens at a doorway Decorative glass panels at a door entrance.

COVID-19 protection items designed to be attractive. Still relevant after this virus has finally gone!

If any of the above products are of interest contact Merlin Industrial Products Ltd

Work after COVID-19

A busy dentist has had the following glass screens added to their practice. Not only are the reception screens protection against COVID-19 but future variants and other nasty bugs, yet undiscovered! Installation takes a few hours by professional installers all insured and highly qualified.

Help your reception not only look good but offer both customers and staff confidence in your security / health capabilities.

We have professional surveyors ready now if you are around the London area and can take your measurements and return quickly to install your glass screens.

Posts can be painted, aluminium or stainless steel. The glass is high-quality safety glass, normally 8 or 10 mm thick.

We can also install glass  panels from the ceiling so that they hang down leaving a gap at the bottom for documents etc.

For further information or a survey please contact Merlin Industrial Products Ltd on 0800 0418 650 or email

For more examples of the attractive glass screens, please visit Merlin’s page here;

Dentist adds glazed protection from Merlin