Educational Special Offer

Gratnells plastic trays and Storage Promotion for the rest of May 2013. Schools and Colleges can order now for delivery during half term.  Please note that this offer has to end on the 31st May 2013.


Single Column Tray StorageHeightWidthDepthTraysPrice Ex Vat
Low Single Column 5 Tray UnitPSU035623554805£65.51
Low Single Column 6 Tray UnitPSU066493554806£62.00
Low Single Column 7 Tray UnitPSU057363554807£67.22
Low Single Column 8 Tray UnitPSU088233554808£76.65
Low Single Column 9 Tray UnitPSU119103554809£81.37
Low Single Column 10 Tray UnitPSU1599735548010£87.26
Low Single Column 11 Tray UnitPSU18108435548011£93.16
Low Single Column 12 Tray UnitPSU20117135548012£96.71
Door for Single Bay PSU LOCKINGSD£20.32
Low Double Column 10 Tray UnitPSU2156268848010£97.47
Low Double Column 12 Tray UnitPSU0464968848012£100.97
Low Double Column 14 Tray UnitPSU2273668848014£114.66
Low Double Column 16 Tray UnitPSU2382368848016£131.04
Low Double Column 18 Tray UnitPSU1491068848018£147.42
Low Double Column 20 Tray UnitPSU2499768848020£152.10
Low Double Column 22 Tray UnitPSU25108468848022£159.90
Low Double Column 24 Tray UnitPSU26117168848024£167.70
Door Pair for Dble Bay PSU LOCKINGDD£30.51
Triple bay mobile 15 shallow MDF runnersPSU2715£106.59
Triple bay mobile 18 shallow MDF runnersPSU01649102148018£116.99
Triple bay mobile 21 shallow MDF runnersPSU28736102148021£136.49
Triple bay mobile 24 shallow MDF runnersPSU02823102148024£152.00
Triple bay mobile 27 shallow MDF runnersPSU29910102148027£175.50
Triple bay mobile 30 shallow MDF runnersPSU30997102148030£195.00
Triple bay mobile 33 shallow MDF runnersPSU311084102148033£214.50
Triple bay mobile 36 shallow MDF runnersPSU101171102148036£234.00
Door Pair for Tple Bay PSU LOCKINGTDOOR£42.16
Low Level Double Door CupboardPCB01800800494£106.60
1800mm Height Double Door CupboardPCB061800800494£175.50