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Our new range of rivet racking that has just become available – Kanban Shelving is our go to product for all your storage need. With sloping shelves and useful plastic storage bins, it makes for easy access and the perfect height for operatives.  Making daily work life just that little bit more organised! This can reduce costs and increase efficiency for manufacturing operations or inventory management.

The two bin arrangement simplifies stock rotation and replenishment. When the front bin is removed for replenishment the bin from behind takes it place using nothing but gravity, leaving a space that is clearly identified for refilling on the next inspection.

Available with either Plastic Bins or Shelf Trays.

Cost effective , easy to put together and delivery within 5 working days!! What more could you ask for! Do get in contact via our website for any help that you need or to place an order.


Standard Specifications

  • Height 1830 mm
  • Width 915 mm
  • Depth 610 mm
  • Shelf capacity 80 kg
  • Delivery in 5 working days
  • Easy to put together no bolts

Please see the link below for the latest Kanban Shelving Prices:


NEW – Kanban Shelving and Containers

Designed to extend the older HDB/HDBL heavy duty workbenches loved by industries throughout Europe the range now offers so much more including the standard 750 kg capacity and a choice of four heavy duty worktops.

Heavy duty steel modular workbenches

For more information please visit the new and updated web page here. 

Steel Top

• Steel top 1.5 mm
• Epoxy powder coated dark-grey surface
• Grey plastic ends
• Plywood and chipboard core
• Threaded bushings for fixing legs and drawer units
• 3 mm steel top available on request
• Thickness 50 mm

Vinyl Top with Steel Edges

• Vinyl top
• Grey vinyl surface
• Galvanized steel front edge
• Plywood and chipboard core
• Threaded bushings for fixing legs and drawer units
• Thickness 50 mm

Vinyl Top with Plastic Edges

• Vinyl top
• Grey vinyl surface
• Grey plastic edging
• Plywood and chipboard core
• Threaded bushings for fixing legs and drawer units
• Thickness 50 mm

Wooden Top

• Beech multiplex, treated with linseed oil
• Pre-drilled holes for fixing legs and drawer units
• Thickness 40 mm

HDB Treston benches

Distinctive Heavy Duty Benches

Heavy duty workbenches are fully welded (not flat pack) and are constructed from steel angle with braced galvanised tops or 45mm timber top or super heavy duty with galvanised steel on top of 45mm timber. Three lengths to choose from in the static bench range each available in three widths. All benches come with bottom shelf, vice plate welded underneath the front right-hand corner and cupboard included in the price. Cupboards measure 600mm x 600mm by bench depth with lock fitted as standard. Also available with extra cupboards or drawer(s) in place of the cupboard or can be fitted with five-drawer unit.
Other heights available at no extra cost Frame blue or anthracite
All sizes are shown in millimetres Other colours available
Normal height 840mm Choice of sizes
Not flat pack Heavy Duty
STEEL TOP Length x Depth
Code Price
Fixed heavy duty workbench with cupboard 1200 x 600 1260SC £236
1200 x 750 1275SC £246
1200 x 900 1290SC £256
1500 x 600 1560SC £250
1500 x 750 1575SC £260
1500 x 900 1590SC £270
2000 x 600 2060SC £285
2000 x 750 2075SC £295
2000 x 900 2090SC £305
Model shown: 1260SC
1200 x 600
Steel top static bench
WOOD TOP Length x Depth
Code Price
Heavy Duty Welded Workbench 1200 x 600 1260WC £255
1200 x 750 1275WC £265
1200 x 900 1290WC £275
1500 x 600 1560WC £275
1500 x 750 1575WC £285
1500 x 900 1590WC £295
2000 x 600 2060WC £315
2000 x 750 2075WC £325
2000 x 900 2090WC £335
Model shown: 1575WC
1500 X 750
Wood top static bench
Code Price
Heavy duty bench with two cupboards and vice 1200 x 600 1260WSC £295
1200 x 750 1275WSC £305
1200 x 900 1290WSC £315
1500 x 600 1560WSC £320
1500 x 750 1575WSC £330
1500 x 900 1590WSC £340
2000 x 600 2060WSC £360
2000 x 750 2075WSC £370
2000 x 900 2090WSC £380
Model shown: 2075WSC
2000 X 750 Wood and steel top Static Bench with the following accessories at extra cost: extra cupboard, drawer, 150mm (6″) vice
VICES Engineers Bench vices may be fitted to any bench if specified when ordering or supplied separately. Top quality vices available in 100mm (4″), 125mm (5″) and 150mm (6″) jaw widths.
6 inch Vice
Vices Price
4″ (100mm) £65
5″ (125mm) £80
6″ (150mm) £95
ACCESSORIES Steel drawers may be fitted to any bench as an extra or as an alternative to the cupboard.
Drawer Unit for workbench
Accessories Price
Without Cupboard Less £70
Extra Cupboard £70
Single Drawer £70


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