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Height Adjustable Office Desks

Our popular office essentials sale ends at the end of this month. If you are looking for a desk, chair, or storage then this could be useful for you.

Please click on the image or link below to get the 8-page flyer. Sale prices end on the 28th February.

Wide range of desks, including electrically height adjustable models. All the furniture items are suitable for work or home use.

UK Mainland orders less than £300 net value incur a delivery charge of £35 per furniture order or £6 per seating item. Contact us for a delivery quotation if you are outside the UK Mainland. Deliveries are kerbside as standard. Exclusions apply.


Furniture Sales Ends Soon!

For many a year, most likely centuries we sat at our desks, not me, as I am only 87 but you see where I am going. 

The office desk has not changed for a very long time and recently the height adjustable table / desk has made a splash offering us the option to sit or stand or, in this new range possibly crouch as well.

Height adjustable from 640 to an incredible 1300 mm (51″ inches) our new ‘Air’ range of tables (Possibly named as Oxygen may be required at the highest setting) offer touch button electrical adjustability.

If that was all the tables did it would be good but NO. These ones have LED lights that can change colour – the first Mood table? What if you could go on your smartphone (Apple or Android) and change the colour of the table lighting to Red to signify you will not be going in to work, from home…

Not only can you change the colour of the tables edges but you can also change the height of the table and find out how long you have been at standing, sitting or crouching height so that your personal health requirements were met.

This is where the Air table beats other tables in the way it caters for your personal needs, height, colour.

For more information please visit the web page below.

Visit Here for all the information and prices.

The height adjustable table

Height adjustable desks are becoming more popular as health recommendations suggest that we cycle between sitting and standing during our daily work routine.  The new “Easy Up” desking range cater for modern ergonomics and unlike a lot of desking on the market this range can be used back to back with one person standing and the other sitting.

Sit Stand office desk

Height adjustability is changed using either a hand crank or the more expensive electric motor version. The handles can be positioned on either side of the desk and the handle folds away so as not to interfere when not in use.

Height adjustable office deskThe manual crank system allows the desk to be operated between 645 mm to 995 mm and the motorised version between 620 mm and 1280 mm.

Standard desk widths are 1600 and 1800 mm and all are 800 mm deep.

A wide choice of melamine finishes are available and these include;

White, Maple, Light Oak, Beech, Apple and Walnut.

The PDF document shows further specifications and prices.>

Height Adjustable Office Desks