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Huddle Breakout Seating Alcoves

Corporate relaxation and privacy combined.

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These seating pods are upholstered alcoves offering comfort and privacy and ideal for impromptu meetings in waiting areas. The wide range of fabric colours available means the pods can either fit in with your current colour scheme or really stand out.

Huddle seating pod

Huddle provides that perfect get-away for a bit of relaxation or for an informal focus meeting.

Huddle podsHuddle reflects the latest in contemporary design and contributes to corporate interiors that are both stylish and effective. Providing screening from walkways and adjacent areas, the Huddle also has inherent noise-cancelling properties, making it great for important phone calls as well. Available as single, two or three seater, and in a wide range of fabrics for optimum harmonisation.

Huddle seating units

  • Single, two or three seater chair booth providing a quiet retreat
  • Noise-cancelling properties
  • Deep foamed seat for extra comfort
  • Combinations can provide
  • wider screening
  • Endless choices of fabrics with 2-tone option for added impact

(Enquire at Merlin Industrial Products Ltd for more details – lead times are currently 4 to 6  weeks)

Huddle Breakout Seating Alcoves