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Hygienic door handles are attractive.  The Stericore handles are long-lasting. Designed and manufactured to stop the spread of germs caused by using doors.

Standard door handles are undoubtedly the largest carrier of healthcare associated infections!
Door Handles are one of the largest touch points within any environment. Traditional stainless-steel or painted handles increase the spread of infections by providing an area for transmission to occur.

The Stericore handles kill the germs quickly so that the next person to tough the door is not infected.

With COVID-19 set to stay with us, we need a better way to kill germs.

Door handles in particular, are used thousands of times by students every day between normal cleaning, this allows bacteria to transfer, multiply and then spread to other students and staff.

As part of our Stericore offering we have plates and handles to suit several common sizes and doors available from stock.

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Why it’s a good idea to install these Hygienic Door Handles in your premises:

  • 80% of infections are spread by touch
  • Peace of mind for your students’, staff and parents
  • Visible identification that your premises have antibacterial handles installed
  • 99% of school children do not clean their hands sufficiently to remove harmful bacteria
  • Prevents unnecessary pupil and staff sick days
  • Helps achieve DFE absent targets Up to 6 school days are lost per pupil annually due to sickness and diarrhoea
  • Reduce employee sickness Government figures show businesses lose £600 per employee per year through infection

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