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Welcome to the first week in December for 2020. As usual Merlin has added several new products and updated man more. Some of the more unusual additions are the Bowsers with models that have capacities from 1000 to 2250 litres.  Water bowsers are great for offering a source of water to sites that have no nearby taps and are used mainly by councils and highways departments.

Water BowsersMore Information here;

Key cabinets are another recent update offering secure storage in cabinets and vaults for keys.

Key cabinets and vaults

As well as the key vaults and key cabinets Merlin can supply;

  • System Cabinets
  • Portable Systems
  • Deep Key systems
  • Padlock Systems
  • High Security Storage
  • Emergency Key holding boxes
  • Key Vaults
  • Key View Systems
  • Fllor Standing Key storage Systems

For more information visit this page;

Water Bowsers and Key Cabinets