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Lubetech Environment Protection

Most of the absorbent products featured on this page are available in one of three grades – maintenance,oil or chemical. For larger images please click on the pictures.

The right one needs to be used.

If it’s everyday fluids that are being absorbed – go for maintenance. These absorbents easily cope with oils, fuels, solvents, cutting fluids, mild acids and alkalis or even foodstuffs such as milk and wine. Not to forget water.
What they don‘t do is separate oil (or fuels) from water. For this situation use oil-only. They readily absorb all oils and fuels, but don‘t touch the water. This is because they’re hydrophobic (repel water).
Finally, chemical. If it’s aggressives that need tackling, this is the grade to use. These will absorb virtually everything.

LT Natural is the only range of pads and rolls currently available in the UK that is manufactured using raw materials mainly derived from sustainable resources. They represent a choice that is particularly of interest to those companies looking to lessen their adverse impact on the environment.

Black and White Maintenance pads

Three other brands are:

Superior. The very best absorbents.

High loft pads and rolls. Superb absorbent socks. Ones that offer the best flexibility, absorption and retention.

Black & White. The best value absorbents.

Three grades. Three products in each. The proof that choosing absorbents doesn’t have to be complex.

Premium. The best absorbents.

Customer driven products. Bonded pads and rolls. Drum top covers. Pillows. Industrial rug. The products that are right at the core of Lubetech. They’re all here. The ones that have proved they’ve got what it takes to survive in the most rigorous industrial environment.

LT Natural ecofibre maintenance absorbents with Q-Cel Technology
Make absorbents natural.

Great idea – but is it possible? There’s nothing to equal polypropylene, is there?
That’s ok – but in a world that is more than ever aware that resources are finite, it is time for a re-think.
Time to see if there isn’t a choice.
After all – what is polypropylene?
In simple terms it’s thermoplastic polymer made by the chemical industry. Not all polymers are synthetic. What about naturally occurring polymers?
What about one of the most common polymers in existence – cellulose? And what is cellulose if it isn’t an organic compound that is the primary component of all green plants.
Let’s take a look at cellulose. Obviously, not all plant matter can be thought of as a sustainable resource, but there is some that is. It’s this that is worth a closer look. One of these is wood fibre.

Wood Fibre – a sustainable resource.

Grown in well managed forests, wood fibre is a widely available source of cellulose.
It is easily recognised that such forests are not only managed to ensure long term sustainability but also have a “double positive” effect on carbon emissions.
In addition to actively improving the quality of the air by removing carbon dioxide and replacing it with oxygen, they also provide a raw material at the end of their growth period that has a vastly lower carbon-footprint than other petro-chemical derived alternatives.

It is taking such raw materials and transforming them into absorbents that perform at least as well if not better than traditional polypropylene ones that raises the challenge. It needs some fresh thinking, a combination of what is ecologically sound and today’s technology.
The results speak for themselves. Here is an absorbent pad that easily absorbs 1.1 litres, when the industry norm is about 0.9

It is easy to forget that an absorbent that gives away nothing on performance can be so easy on the environment. But it is. Wood fibre [cellulose] represents 80% by weight of the product. That?s 80% with a low dependence on fossil fuels rather than 80% with a high dependence.

Samples of Lubetech Products we Supply

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2 Drum Spill Pallet 2 Drum Workfloor
2 drum spill pallet 2 drum pallet workfloor
4 Drum Spill Pallet 4 Drum Workfloor
4 drum spill pallet 4 drum workfloor
Black & White Chemical Black & White Maintenance
Black and White Chemical Absorbent pads Black and White Maintenance Absorbent pads
Black & White Oil Pads Black & White Rolls
Black and White Oil Absorbent pads Black and White Absorbent rolls
120 Litre Wheelie Bin Kit 15 Litre Spill Kits
120 Litre Wheelie bin spill kit 15 Litre spill kits
50 Litre Spill Kits Superior Socks
50 Litre spill kits Superior Absorbent Socks
Socks Detail Workfloor Ramp
Superior Absorbent Socks detailed view Mobile Work Floor Ramp
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