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Magnetic Label Holders

As the days draw closer, and we move towards the end of October and the changing of the clocks, it might be a good time to reflect on safety signs. With reduced visibility, it is logical to make any notices more easily seen.

Fortuitously, we have a bumper range of safety signs and labels for almost every occasion. For the rare times that we do not have the exact sign, we can produce it in a few days in a variety of materials. Signs are generally rigid so that they can be fixed with screws or self-adhesive for sticking on many different surfaces. As well as the standard models, we can also supply magnetic backed signs, mainly for vehicles, but they can be used anywhere such as metal sheds and racking systems.

Most of the signs are in stock and can be with you in a few days. Custom safety signs can take up to a week. Please see the main categories shown below. Contact Merlin Industrial Products with any questions that you may have.

Safety Signs and Darker Days

Tired of scraping old self adhesive labels of your shelving and racking every time your stock and inventory changes? Then the magnetic label holder system will be ideal for you as you can either take of the whole label and holder or just change the label.

The new 10mm high profile would suit office type of shelving including some pigeon hole units, magnetic boards and planners.

Magnetic Label Holders
Magnetic Label Holders
• Are you maximising all your opportunities?
• Are you aware that we have Magnetic ‘C’ profile Label Holder in Heights of 60mm and 70mm
• Supplied boxed in cut pieces complete
• Supplied in 5M, 10M and 50M rolls
• The length you need cut on request
• White card and clear PVC cover is supplied as standard
• Can be supplied with pre-printed alpha-numeric barcoded inserts
• Suitable for Cold Store environments
• Available from stock for immediate shipment from Merlin Industrial Products

Magnetic racking label holders

The new 70 and 80mm high profiles are ideal for pallet racking and long span racking, etc. These sizes offer maximum visibility on larger beams giving a quick and easy to use identification system.
Magnetic holders can also be used in areas such as a cold store or a deep freeze area, where a self-adhesive label would not adhere to the surface. Because they manufacture the holders they can supply them in standard cut sizes and roll lengths but also cut to your/your customers specific length saving time and valuable resources.

All label holders are supplied with white card inserts and a clear plastic cover strip. Pre-printed inserts can also be supplied with alpha-numeric sequences and barcodes.
For details and prices on these new sizes please contact our sales team at

Magnetic Label Holders