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Mobile Shelving

Vertical Storage Rack  are designed to provide organised storage for lengths of bar, pipe, timber and similar materials.

The unit can be bolted to the floor for extra safety.

Manufactured in the UK.

Product Information

  • Provides organised storage for lengths of bar, pipe, timber and similar materials
  • Distance between support bars:  250mm
  • Welded construction
  • Finished in stove enamel blue
  • Pre drilled for bolting to the floor
  • Overall Height 1500mm and 600mm Deep

3 different lengths available, please see below:

Overall Length mm
Number of Sections
Weight kg

Also now available is our Adjustable Vertical Racking:

A cost effective way of storing all those long and awkward items.
Our vertical racking is derived from our Heavy Duty Midispan system. The system comes as a starter and extension bay format meaning long runs are more
cost effective.
The bays come with 3 dividers, all necessary frames and base plates, two front beams and one back beam and base rail. Other size racks available to order, please contact the sales office.

Please follow the PDF link below for prices on our Adjustable Vertical Storage Racking:

NEW – Vertical Storage Racks

Our new range of rivet racking that has just become available – Kanban Shelving is our go to product for all your storage need. With sloping shelves and useful plastic storage bins, it makes for easy access and the perfect height for operatives.  Making daily work life just that little bit more organised! This can reduce costs and increase efficiency for manufacturing operations or inventory management.

The two bin arrangement simplifies stock rotation and replenishment. When the front bin is removed for replenishment the bin from behind takes it place using nothing but gravity, leaving a space that is clearly identified for refilling on the next inspection.

Available with either Plastic Bins or Shelf Trays.

Cost effective , easy to put together and delivery within 5 working days!! What more could you ask for! Do get in contact via our website for any help that you need or to place an order.


Standard Specifications

  • Height 1830 mm
  • Width 915 mm
  • Depth 610 mm
  • Shelf capacity 80 kg
  • Delivery in 5 working days
  • Easy to put together no bolts

Please see the link below for the latest Kanban Shelving Prices:


NEW – Kanban Shelving and Containers

Atlantic Office Storage System

Office storage system designed to save you space and improve your access times and security.

Atlantic rotary cabinet provides the solution

Today’s office environment creates demands for efficiency in filing and document management.
Where filing space was traditionally filled with conventional 4-drawer cabinets, the need for improved accessibility, space utilisation and information security has generated new storage requirements.
The Atlantic rotary cabinet provides the solution.
Offering a 40% saving in space and up to 50% reduction in access times, high level security and good looks the Atlantic cabinet meets the demands of the modern office environment.  Atlantic cabinets feature double sided shelving bays which rotate on a central axis to access either picking face. This allows the operator access to over 10.5 linear metres of filing without moving, enabling a high filing pick rate.
When not in use the cabinet can be locked in the closed position for secure file storage. If required the Atlantic Cabinet can also be locked in the open position restricting access to only one of the picking faces so that secured items are safe whilst normal day to day items are accessible.

  • Secure, high-density storage for every office
  • Ideal when files need to be accessed frequently
  • Fits the same number of files as 5, 4-drawer filing cabinets
  • 40% saving in floor space
  • 50% improvement in file access times

Download and view the office storage systems brochure.

Mobile office storage system