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Office Screens and Partitions

Office screens and partitions are becoming more popular now that the open office trend has resulted in some unforeseen problems in the office space such as noise pollution and for some workers a problem with concentration.

Office Screens

Many of our office panels are supplied to prevent noise from surrounding areas intruding on sometimes delicate telephone conversations. Our desk top screens help with this though our full size acoustic screens are specifically designed to absorb noise from voice and office machines.

Office Partitioning unlike office screens are designed to reach the full height of the office and are ideal where an open office space needs sub-dividing into smaller offices spaces and partitioning can be installed with the minimum of disruption and our ranges can be demounted at a later date and re-used when the need arises. In office partitions a floor and ceiling track are laid and the partition panels lifted into place with a variety of seams.

Office Partitioning System

Office Screens

Reach a height of 2100mm and are free-standing or linked for stability.

Can be various forms and shapes including desk mounted

Materials Fabric covered, Wood and Perspex

Office partitioning

More permanent structure though can be demounted.

Fitted to full height of the room and become a false wall.

Materials Plasterboard with honeycomb filling, Glazed

Office Screens and Partitions