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online scams

Every day I receive at least several scams whether it be based on the famous Nigerian 419 or more frequently criminals using stolen credit card information.  The reason for posting this is to warn those people that do not realise that these are scams.

A lot of viewers will say how can someone not know!  The truth is if everyone was aware then there would be no reason for the criminals to send them and the world would be a nicer place and maybe we would all get charged less interest on our credit cards.

As a company with on-line shops we get our fair share of criminal requests and I hope that using the information below you or the friends and associates you make aware of this post will not be some of those duped.

The easiest method is to see if your e-mail address is in the To: part. Example;

Sample e-mailA lot of scams do not have the To: part or they show there own or someone else’s e-mail address.

Lottery Scam
Lottery Scam

This one is a good example.  If we read the scam below the address you send the information to is a web email address that can be read and posted from anywhere in the world making it very hard to find.

You have just been awarded the sum of € 950,000,00 Euros Only Which was won by
Your E-mail Address in our Luckystar EuroMillions Winning No: 7 11 29 46 50 4
and 7 of the Primitive Lottery
Promotions here in spain. Do get back to the Claim agent with your requirement

(The Apex National agent)
Name: Dr. Philip Weeks
Tel:    +34-672-877-516
Names :…………

Other popular scamming addresses are , ,, etc.  For a fresh list of the latest address click here.

In defence of yahoo if you advise them by forwarding the e-mail to they will do something about it, unlike google, hotmail, live etc who prefer to do nothing.

The 419 is one of the oldest scams and started with letters long before the Internet and originated in Nigeria. How it works is that you are offered a Huge amount of money, millions in fact for just handling a transfer or helping out.  Sometimes a real tragedy that is currently news is used so that you can click on a link and feel reassured, sometimes it appeals to your sentiments as the sender is dying of an incurable disease and wants to make the world a better place.

When you reply they put up a few stumbling blocks such as bank fees etc and you will have to pay them.  Some people have been gullible enough to spend hundreds of thousands with the carrot of millions dangling in the mist.  A lot of people will not admit being duped as the embarrassment is too great.

Again a lot of these start with the dodgy e-mail address shown above. As a lot of these illiterate idiots can barely read and write they use templates hence after a few examples you will be spotting them in seconds.

Spotting Online Scams