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Pod and Privacy bench alcove seating

Firstly Happy New Year and may 2015 bring you everything that you desire. We start this years blog with our new range of pod or alcove seating and suggest that the system could well help you plan future or existing spaces within your company. By just arranging your existing soft seating and then positioning office screens around them you can economically provide an area similar to the systems below.

Hive acoustic pod or alcove

  • Hive is a stylish, flexible modular range of seating and accessories that offers superb spatial fit and functionality, creating Liquid Workspaces and dynamic layouts.
    Whether creating a totally new workspace or integrating with existing furniture, Hive creates multi-functional spaces that allow people to work in the way that is most stimulating and productive for them.
    Hive’s modular system is available with or without legs, making it easy to design flexible spaces in a variety of environments, offices, universities and libraries, plus airports and transport stations.
    Rarely does one solution fit all, that’s why Hive can be configured to provide seating and work tables for open spaces, semi- private and private spaces in an infinite number of situations.
    Numerous configuration possibilities
  • Establish different zones with no need to build walls
  • Supports diverse working styles
  • Creates inspiring environments to attract and retain the best talent
  • Enables bespoke design of activity based settings
  • Allows visual, territorial and acoustic privacy for individuals and groups
  • If this range interests you please contact our sales team for more details.

Elements Plus alcove seating

Element Plus offers retro fitted acoustic panels to create more private areas in open spaces. The panels are connected with zips which makes it easy to install and reconfigure.
Clever sewing panels on the high backs allow you to be creative with fabric to suit any corporate, hospitality or educational environment.
Suggested Uses/Environments
• Colleges and Universities
• Reception Areas
• Break Out/Open Plan Areas

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New 2015 Office Furniture catalogue where the above ranges start from page 220

The year of the pod?