Primo Space for Managers

Primo Space is a executive office furniture system created to meet the high individual demands of contemporary managers.
Primo Space Managerial and Executive office furniture range
It is a collection characterised by highest quality and intelligent, ergonomic functional solutions. Primo Space can be used to create executive offices both in professional office accommodation and in SOHO environments. This versatile system is set apart by the superb quality of the materials used and the harmonious, elegant design. Primo Space is high-class furniture at a price related to current market conditions.
Today’s manager spends the majority of his or her time in meetings.
Primo Space furniture enables you to arrange your office so as to provide a comfortable setting both for your individual work and effective meetings. Advanced technical solutions ensure that the office space can be swiftly reorganised to play a wide range of roles. In interiors like these you can be assured that you have the right conditions in which to take important decisions.
Primo Space executive office furniture
The workplace is not always a high-tech office block. It can also be a cosy study in the comfort of your own home. In such environments style and individual character are of prime importance. Primo Space enables you to express this while also meeting the highest demands made on a professional workplace.
This range of furniture, with its broad array of finishes and harmonious design, will provide the perfect enhancement to any interior.
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Conference and meeting rooms are vital in today’s office in terms of both communication and representation. These are the places where opinions are exchanged, concepts born and important decisions taken. This makes them silent witnesses to key events in the company’s life. Thanks to its attractive design, Primo Space creates spaces that express the company’s identity.
Table tops available in a range of sizes and three basic shapes: rectangular, trapezoid and L-shaped, for endless freedom in configuration.
Made of veneered or double side laminated (class E1) chipboard. Rectangular legs 30 .— 70 mm powder-coated in aluminium colour.
The 10 mm space between table top and metal frame of the table is created by a chrome-plated decorative insert.
Rectangular executive desk, right or left fixed pedestal, depth 100 cm.
Pedestals have drawers with a pull-out block, central lock and can be finished in a different colour combination and material from the desk’s top to add contrast.

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