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Priva – private working solutions

privacy working solutions

We’re all born with an ability to focus. But as much as we would like to retain that skill forever, life itself proves to be very loud, colourful and sometimes just too interesting for us to be able to avoid distractions forever. The Priva range of meeting booths, modular floor standing screens, and solo workstations have been designed to offer your employees a real chance to focus, or to hold meetings in private with minimal noise and distractions.

Meeting booths
Privacy POD UK
The Priva meeting booth provides a quiet place to work or where groups can hold meetings with a degree of privacy. The 2 and 4 seater meeting spaces are available in a choice of rectangular or hexagonal high-rise sides, with a bent roof option that adds some privacy and excitement to the interior.
Solo workstations
open space privacy screens
Relevant in today’s modern open-plan offices, Priva solo workstations are designed for those moments where personal space is required to focus on intensive work or tasks with minimal noise and distraction. A great place for individuals to seek refuge away the busy, hectic office environment.
Floor screens
Office screens for privacy
Priva modular floor standing screens are not only colourful and modern additions to the office aesthetics, but also deliver a large array of functional and design solutions for every work style and preference, whether it’s a touchdown area, collaborative space, personal workstation or private office

For any of these ranges of privacy screens contact Merlin Industrial Products Ltd

Private Working Solutions