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Quadro Screen and Partition system

Currently the most exciting screen and partition system available in the United Kingdom today with maximum versatility and unique frame system that makes it suitable for exhibitions as well as fixed partition systems. Please download or view the full brochure below.

Quadro is the only system on the market to feature a completely independent, free-standing column and beam structure. Thanks to this unique design, a free-standing pod does not require fixing to walls, floors or ceilings and spans of up to 3.6m can be achieved between columns. This also provides the flexibility to reconfigure at a later date.

Quadro is a versatile, freestanding, easy-to-assemble modular screen system

Quick and simple to install

Because modular panels ‘lock’ within the framework, elements can be removed without compromising the structural integrity.
• Any panel(s) can easily be swapped around without dismantling the whole structure.
• Doors can be relocated.
• New specification panels can be retrospectively fitted.

Executive office in Quadro solution

Easy to reconfigure

  1. Panels removed in-situ.
  2. Panels swapped over.
  3. Panel repositioning achieved without affecting the structure.

Quadro can be reconfigured to match changes in room layouts Thanks to their non-sequential construction, Quadro systems can be modified in-situ.

  • The primary structure allows changes to be made without the need to remove the ceiling.
  • Existing components can be reused if required.
  • Doors can be repositioned without completely dismantling the pod.

Combine Quadro with your building’s existing walls Two or three sided pods can be wall fixed.

Quadro screen solution can be fixed to existing walls

Unlimited creative possibilities.
Adapts to suit your designs. Infinite dimensional specifications (by the mm).
Maximum pod dimensions are 7000 x 7000mm.
Height of pods can range between 2200 & 3000mm high.

Choice of frame finishes
Powder coated structure and panel frames. Any colour can be specified. Popular colours including:

  • White (RAL 9010)
  • Black (RAL 9005)
  • Silver (RAL 9006)

Quadro Managers Office fully independent

Quadro panels can be specified with any surface finish. Popular finishes including:

  • Fabric upholstered
  • Vinyl
  • MFC & HPL laminates
  • Veneers
  • Back painted glass

Sliding or hinged doors
Choice of door to suit users preferences or acoustic performance.

Panel integrity
Each panel can support an imposed load of 75Kg, making them suitable for most presentation and teaching
equipment, including flat screen TV’s.
Common cantilevered loads including shelves, work surfaces, storage units and monitors.
A range of third level, screen-hung accessories are available to complement the Quadro design aesthetic.

Ceiling system can accommodate lighting units that match existing building specifications.
Lights can be incorporated into the beams or ceiling panels to suit the layout of furniture or end user’s preference. LED low heat dimmable options available. Choice of PIR or switch activated lighting.

Quadro screen solution functional reception area

There are no restrictions as to the design, or source of system that can be installed. Three ventilation options:

  1. Extraction – for low occupancy and infrequent use.
  2. Forced air – for high occupancy and frequent use.
  3. Connection to the buildings own air-con.

Power and data
There are no restrictions as to the design, or source of system that can be installed. Soft or hard wired power and data socket outlets. External or integral ducting

Acoustic panels
Pods fitted with Reverb Panel benefit from reduced reverberation and an increase in speech clarity. Panels can be printed with graphics, images or other decorative finishes.

Download or View Quadro Screen Brochure

Quadro Screen and Partition system