Reception Furniture 2011

Reception furniture is the first contact point for visitors, the reception desk performs two essential roles: on the outside, it reflects the company’s image and style, whilst on the operators side, it fulfils the function of a workstation.  Please note that specifications and prices are available at the bottom of the page.

Curved reception unit with glass top

Curved Reception Desk with Glass Top

Dark wood reception unit

Dark wood reception unit

Elegantly curved and traditional in design, Azurea’s combination of glass and melamine is both stylish and functional. It’s modular design lends itself to many different configurations. Welcome your staff, customers and vistors in style!
• 25 mm thick melamine-faced particle board in 3 choices of finish: brown oak (ML), white oak (MN) or amber cherry (RA);
• Straight edges protected by a 2 mm thick strip of ABS;
• 12 mm thick counter tops, depth 32 cm, made from toughened glass in an acid matt finish. Counter tops have aluminium studs glued to their lower surface which are themselves attached by screws to metal spacers.
• Panels – standard front panels are made from 18 mm thick melamine-faced particle board;
– curved front panels are made from 18mm thick melamine-faced plywood;
– all panels are 106.8 cm in height and fitted with stabilizer feet;
– each panel features on its visitor side a decorative trim comprising two 5 mm high horizontal PVC strips in a stainless steel finish;
– side panels are made from 25 mm thick melamine-faced particle board in an aluminium finish with edges protected by a 2 mm thick strip of PVC. Screw fixing kits are required for assembly;
• Intermediate tubular metal legs, of conical design in an aluminium finish, must be placed beneath the junction of adjacent desktops.

Link reception unit

Modular Reception Desk – Link range

Refined and sophisticated in style, Link reception units are designed with user and visitor comfort in mind. Incredibly solid contruction in two very up to date, fashionable finishes. Specify the unit to the space available. Fully compliant with DDA legislation.
• Desktops made from 28 mm thick particle board covered in melamine;
• 2 choices of finish: light walnut MZ or pastel white NA;
• Straight edges protected by 2 mm thick strips of PVC;
• Fitted with 2 cable ports, .¸ 80 mm;
• Counter tops made from 12 mm thick board covered in melamine;
• All modules have a depth of 80 cm except for those designed for people with reduced mobility, which have a depth of 100 cm.
• Upright sections made from 12 mm thick board covered in melamine;
• Legs are 52 mm in thickness and have straight edges protected by 2 mm thick strips of PVC;
• Short legs enable users to move freely between the different sections of the reception unit;
• Long legs at each end of the unit provide the perfect finish;
• Uprights and legs are trimmed with 2 decorative horizontal bands in brushed aluminium;
• Free-standing modules are fitted with 2 legs 80 cm in depth. They can be placed next to each other, but movement between the 2 modules then becomes difficult;
• Intermediate modules are fitted with 2 short legs and must always stand between other modules;
• Left-hand end modules are fitted with a leg 80 cm in depth on the left-hand side and a short leg on the right-hand side. Right-hand end modules are fitted with a leg 80 cm in depth on the right-hand side and a short leg on the left-hand side. Left-hand and right-hand end modules are used to complete configurations of intermediate modules.

Modern Reception Unit

Modern Modular Reception Unit Aluminium and Wood Finish

A great general purpose reception, stylish yet practical and very modular featuring modesty panels set back from the front of the unit, it is ideal for use as a low reception desk or as a high reception counter.

• 25 mm thick particle board, density 650 kg/m3;
• wood “ecologically certified” by the PEFC and FSC, in recognition that all or a proportion of the timber used is sourced from sustainably managed forest. Our tops are made from material certified to FSC-STD-40-004 (vers.01);
• particle board certified to E1 (control of fomaldehyde emissions) with an emission level of 6.5 mg HCNO/100 mg and compliant with standards EN 120/92 and NF EN 717-2;
• board is covered with a sheet of decorative monochrome or wood effect paper – the finish. During the High Resistance Melamine process, this finish is impregnated with a duroplastic resin to provide maximum protection, an industrial process which ensures that the furniture achieves outstanding results in terms of resistance to scratching and abrasion, thereby meeting the EN438 standard. An additional sheet of paper applied to the underside of tops to provide balance is also impregnated with duroplastic resin;
• edges protected by a 2 mm thick strip of ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene), which is glued to the board and rounded at the top and bottom for maximum user comfort;
• particle board fire safety classification: in accordance with the FD – P92-057 standard, particle board greater or equal to 18 mm in thickness is classified as M3 (combustible, moderately flammable);
• maintenance advice: use soapy water and avoid products which contain solvents.

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