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Reverso Office Furniture Range

Reverse the standard idea of classic modular office furniture and you might find the Reverso range your cup of tea. Vibrant and adaptable are just some of this furniture ranges positive features as well as being manufactured in Europe so no waiting for slow boats from China!

Clever ideas like a 70cm deep desk top, as who needs the old 80cm desks apart from people still using the old style monitors.  For designers two desks can be put back to back and offer 140cm of depth ideal for large drawings.


All the worktops are 38mm thick and come in a refreshing range of colours as shown in some of the images below.

Reverso-green-office Reverso-pink Reverso-yellow
Standard desks in the Reverso range are 70cm deep to allow for better overall space management and with widths of 140, 160 and 180cm.

As a modern furniture range the Reverso is designed to work with the latest communication and network requirements of your office with the advanced cable management system.


New vertical panels of 100 and 140cm allow for easy reception or meeting areas to be formed using the same system and offer further options for storage and display.


Laminated finishes;
Cedar, Bleached Oak, Havana and White

Plain Coloured Panels
Raspberry, Avocado Green, Clay, White, Daffodil Yellow, Bluebell and Limestone

Vinyl Colours for cushions that can be added to pedestals to form seats.
Raspberry, Avocado Green, Clay, Black, White, Daffodil Yellow, Bluebell and Limestone

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Reverso Office Furniture Range