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Rubber Matting

Leisure Flooring and Matting using duckboard style mats can be used to reduce slip hazards around swimming pools and other wet areas, especially important in public facilities where old or very young persons may be at risk. Rubber matting in gymnasiums provide shock absorption to protect floors and equipment, as well as improving noise reduction and comfort.

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Kumfi Tile Pvc

kumfi tile range

The Kumfi Tile PVC is a very versatile interlocking matting system, with a wide variety of applications.  The 4 way drainage design, and high grip pattern, mean the system is effective in wet, oily and greasy environments.  The soft PVC construction provides barefoot comfort when used in a Leisure application, at the same time as providing effective anti fatigue properties for industrial use. Kumfiedging prevents trips and can be used as a contrast for better visibility.

kumfi tile wet area


  • Simple and effective interlocking system ensures a firm, quick joint which can be easily, but not accidentally released.
  • Bevelled edge component moulded with corner section which can be simply removed with a sharp knife when not required.
  • Can be laid to fit awkward shapes in any colour combination
  • High grip surface suitable for indoor and outdoor dry or wet areas.
  • Soft PVC construction provides anti- fatigue comfort but withstands most commercial and industrial applications including hospitals, hotels, exhibitions and light workshop use
  • Free-draining and resistant to a wide range of oils, grease and chemicals
  • Easy to clean – simply unclips into small sections
  • Overall height 12mDiamond Grip Aquasafe

diamond grip aquasafe

The Diamond Grip Aquasafe non slip waterproof tape is the perfect solution for safety and bare foot comfort in wet areas. Aquasafe offers many advantages over the abrasive material as it has an embossed textured surface that prevents the harbouring of any bacteria or dirt, can be very easily cleaned, and being a very tough material, provides excellent impact protection.


  • Self adhesive anti-slip waterproof tape for barefoot grip and comfort in wet areas
  • For use on boats, in showers, baths and other bare foot areas
  • Textured vinyl top surface and moisture resistant backing
  • Superb impact protection
  • Available in rolls, tiles and stair cleatsKumfi Step Leisure Matting

kumfi step in wet area

Kumfi Step wet area matting is designed for swimming pool surrounds and changing area use, with its broad top wavy profile giving excellent comfort and safety in wet areas.  Made from anti-bacterial treated polyethylene, the mat prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria.  Water grooves on the top surface allow moisture to run off the mat providing extra grip and safety while maintaining comfort for bare foot applications.

kumfi step close up


  • Free draining matting for bare foot comfort and safety in wet areas
  • Anti-bacterial treated plastic prevents growth of fungi and bacteria
  • Ideal for swimming pool surrounds and locker rooms
  • Connector clips available for larger widths
  • Overall height 9mm

Trapwell Comfort Matting

leisure matting trapwell comfort

The Trapwell Comfort in Blue is constructed from soft vinyl loops, bonded together to form an open, free draining structure.  The seamless pattern means it is easy to cut and fit round obstructions, such as a pool hand rails.  Without any backing, the mat can be used on either side and is very easy to clean and comfortable.

trapwell comfort close up


  • Unbacked, free-draining reversible matting for safety in wet areas
  • Soft vinyl loops for barefoot comfort
  • Suitable for most leisure applications
  • Overall height 8mm
  • Colour Blue as shown

Interflex Splash Flooring

interflex splash in changing area

Interflex Splash is a highly slip resistant and hygienic mat designed primarily for use in wet areas such as swimming pools and showers.  The strong non-porous PVC duckboard construction, keeps the surface of the matting free from puddling water and helps maintain a safe and comfortable floor area.  Interflex Splash is resistant to bacterial and fungal growth, and can be used in both indoor and outdoor environments.

interflex splash close up


  • Strong PVC duckboard matting for hygiene, comfort and safety in wet areas
  • Provides drainage in all directions, eliminating puddles
  • Resistant to bacterial and fungal growth
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Connector clips for side or end joining
  • Width of top profile 8.6mm, with a gap width of 7.0mm
  • Overall height 12m
  • Colours Blue, Green, Grey and Red

Interflex Style Mats

interflex style in changing room

Interflex Style is a durable, impact resistant, slatted duckboard mat with a unique cross-ribbed design for extra barefoot comfort.  Constructed from a high-grade unplasticized PVC, Interflex Style is resistant to bacterial and fungal growth.  The matting has a free draining surface which makes it ideal for wet areas, such as pools, baths and saunas.  The top profiles are organised across the walking direction to give additional comfort and stability.

interflex style flooring beige close up


  • Heavy Duty PVC slatted duckboard with unique cross-ribbed design for extra barefoot comfort
  • Free draining surface, ideal for wet areas
  • Resistant to bacterial and fungal growth
  • Simple installation and removal
  • Resistant to commercial cleaning productsl
  • Overall height 12mm
  • Temperature resistance  -5°C to 60°C
  • Slip resistance  Classification C to DIN 51097Please note that due to speed constraints Merlin Industrial Products can supply a much larger range of leisure flooring than shown here so contact usif the matting you need is not shown above.

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Wet Area Flooring

With the current wet weather, trying to do something on or with the grass is almost impossible. Natural rubber matting has been designed for discreet soil retention and erosion control on golf courses and other outdoor public pathways but can easily be incorporated anywhere where grass grows.
Greenskeeper Matting
The moulded anti-slip cellular structure allows grass to penetrate and establish a firm bond to the ground and effectively hiding the matting and give a safe area to walk on.

 with grass growing through it

  • Provides safety and traction on steep paths.
  • Simple and economical installation.
  • Easy maintenance – grass can be cut with a conventional mower once established.
  • Size 100cm x 150cm x 22mm thick.

We can currently offer these mats for £ 32.00 + VAT (£38.40) Each

Free carriage if you order 10 or more.

Also available connectors so that a long line or large square can be established (Connectors are £ 0.75 each)

Established rubber matting on grassHere is one we prepared earlier!

Greenkeeper Matting

With the bad weather conditions last week and the forecast for more icy conditions next weekend it may be worth considering these excellent rubber mats that work even when covered in snow.

Tough inter linkable rubber mats, ideal for all entrance areas in extreme weather. Snow, ice and debris falls through to leave surface clear.
• 150cm x 100cm x 23mm thick
• Ideal for outdoor use in all weathers
• Heavy duty anti-slip surface

1 Mat Roughly 5 feet x 3 feet (1500mm x 1000mm) £ 48.47 Including VAT at 17.5%

Carriage £ 6.40 Including VAT

for 10 mats the price drops to £ 35.25 Including VAT and carriage to the UK Mainland

for 50 mats the price drops to £ 26.44 Including VAT and carriage to the UK Mainland

Connectors are also available at £ 7.50 Including VAT

With no Snow

rubber matting
rubber matting

With Snow

Snow covered rubber matting
Snow covered rubber matting

Please note that we have used 17.5% VAT for orders delivered before the New Year.  On the 4th January the VAT increases to 20%

Please call 0845 124 9955 during Office hours or use the contact form above for further information.

Rubber Matting – Ideal Anti-slip