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Safety Boots

As winter wages war against our extremities we need to protect our toes from both hardship and temperatures .

To that end we have added a Special Offer on the Himalayan Safety Boot in Black Leather pictured below.

Black Combat leather safety boot
Black Combat leather safety boot

Normally this Boot sells for £ 70.74 Including VAT and we are currently supplying it for £ 46.74 (Ex Tax: £38.95)

With sizes from 3 to 13 it should fit everyone but a Yeti!

Now the above boot will protect your toes from hardship but they could still get cold so we have added a pair of socks for Free.

Now these will help you keep warmer and safer this winter.

Please note that there is a carriage charge of £ 7.95 + VAT per order but, if you order more than one pair, for example everyone on your street this makes it even cheaper per boot.

Are your toes warm enough?