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Safety Footwear Special Offer

With exciting features, striking designs and a price point designed to revolutionise the market, this new range of products has been designed for maximum comfort, using ultra-lightweight materials.

A new range of highly cost effective, fully composite, safety footwear.

Take the Sanson 4116 (see below).  In common with all the range, it is S1P/SRC, with 200°C outsole, metal free, anti-static, and with breathable linings.  The Punto and Sanson also have a reflective strip to the rear for added safety.

Known as Rhone (4114), Gavrona (4115), Sanson (4116) and Punto (4117), they have striking designs and are set to raise the bar in cost effective, composite footwear in the UK.

Punto ShoePunto Shoe Model 4117 Price £ 18.13

Rhone BootRhone Boot Model 4114 Price £ 19.53

Sanson BootSanson Boot Model 4116 Price £ 19.53

Sanson ShoeGavrona Boot Model 4115 Price £ 18.13

Footwear is Slip resistant to SRC, Sole Temperature up to 200c, Metal Free, Anti-static, Mid-sole, Breathable Lining, Cushioned, Sizes 3 to 13 UK

To order these send an email to

Carriage is £ 8.50 + VAT for orders below £ 150.00

Safety Footwear Special Offer