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Safety Signs

Welcome to the last part of March 2023. The clocks leap forward an hour in just over a week, and a lot of factories and schools use this time to replace batteries. Merlin Industrial has been getting some spring-cleaning done.

The main website is now back to being an industrial catalogue with formative articles and news and updates on the latest industrial products.

Merlin Industrial have moved products to two new sites; All the safety signs and labels are now here

and Castors, Wheels, Truck Locks and a new easy to use filter to help find the castor or wheel that you need quickly and at a better price.

The difficult decision to split the products from the main site was after the poor performance due to the large amount of products. By moving the products to dedicated shops, we have decreased the website response times dramatically.

The Latest New and updated pages

March 22nd Update

As the days draw closer, and we move towards the end of October and the changing of the clocks, it might be a good time to reflect on safety signs. With reduced visibility, it is logical to make any notices more easily seen.

Fortuitously, we have a bumper range of safety signs and labels for almost every occasion. For the rare times that we do not have the exact sign, we can produce it in a few days in a variety of materials. Signs are generally rigid so that they can be fixed with screws or self-adhesive for sticking on many different surfaces. As well as the standard models, we can also supply magnetic backed signs, mainly for vehicles, but they can be used anywhere such as metal sheds and racking systems.

Most of the signs are in stock and can be with you in a few days. Custom safety signs can take up to a week. Please see the main categories shown below. Contact Merlin Industrial Products with any questions that you may have.

Safety Signs and Darker Days

Raise awareness of mental health issues and wellbeing with a range of eye-catching signs and posters.

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Mental Health is unfortunately still a stigmatized subject with many sufferers feeling they’ll be condemned if they admit to a sense of being overwhelmed, stressed, anxious or depressed, but with 1 in 4 of us facing mental health problems each year, we need to change the way both sufferers and onlookers think and act about mental health.

Are you OK signOur society has changed dramatically, and the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly increased isolation across the globe. Many who have never previously experienced issues with mental wellbeing have reported feelings of low confidence in their daily routines and an increased sense of loneliness.

In these trying times, it is imperative that we act to change the way billions of people around the world feel daily, we have therefore put together a useful flyer for you to show support of Mental Health Awareness Week and promote ways for companies to open channels of communication to get people talking about their feelings.

Mental health awareness week