Overhead cable indicators

Many contractors require an easy to see indicator for overhead power and communication cables as in certain times of the day these can be very hard to see and especially if using vehicles.

Our new safety indicators comprise poles, bunting and ballast packs so that you can quickly make your site safer to use and lessen the risk of injuries and expensive damages.

Goalpost for overhead warning

For the latest information and data sheet please visit the page at our main web site.


Safety Signs Shop is Live

Due to the very large amount of products now available from Merlin Industrial Products it can be difficult to navigate your way around the extensive website and shop.

The New safety signs and equipment shop has been designed to be mobile friendly and offer an easy way to keep up with the latest legislation regarding Safety in the workplace.

We understand that safety signs are not a regular purchase but, when you do need them they have to be with you very quickly and 90% of our safety signs and equipment is in stock.

Visit the new shop at merlinshop.co.uk

Merlin Safety Signs Sjop

Framed floor and wall signs

Wall or Floor indentification signs

New range of PVC framed floor or wall frames for easy and quick identification of areas within a warehouse or store and ideal for identifying pallet spaces.

Wall or Floor indentification signs• Tough, flat, colour coded floor identification frames
• Available in 2 insert sizes: A4 and DL
• Choice of 6 stand out colours
• Permanent industrial strength adhesive to withstand warehouse traffic
• Ideal for identifying bulk stack locations or highlight important information

PVC Framed floor and wall signs“Frames4floors” are tough permanent self-adhesive colour coded PVC frames, which will enable you to place and protect your identification data on the warehouse floor or wall.
The frames are available in five standard ‘lean’ manufacturing colours, or with black and yellow stripped hazard markings. There are two window sizes, suitable for either A4 or DL sized inserts.
Contact Merlin Industrial Products for the latest information and Prices.


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