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Students need space…lots of it! Space for their notes, pens, bags, paperwork, and the list goes on. Security is also essential to young adults. Their computers hold data that is most valuable to them as pupils. Students data and work needs protecting from the risk of being copied and from unwanted access, this is where ScreenBox is most useful

ScreenBox desks are perfect for the educational environment. They provide security and space, both qualities most appreciated by students. This desk is a multi-functional table that can be used as a workstation or as a computer desk with a quick turn of the key and a flip of the lid.

ScreenBox desk

The smart design allows one user to have access to a computer and keyboard that retract in to the workstation. The hydraulic flip mechanism is engineered to provide a smooth and silent movement. When you fold the computer monitor and keyboard away you are left with a useful work space. The concept is to maximise available  space.

PicMonkey Collage

This modern workstation also provides an extremely useful security system which enables the owner of the table to lock their computer inside the desk with a provided key.

ScreenBox desk lock system

ScreenBox also offers a dual screen computer workstation that integrates two computers into one unit and therefore saving even more space.

This modern desk cooperates the latest IT technology. ScreenBox’s advanced transforming school desk adapts to an  education, work or home environment. This invention combines technology and office furniture in a totally new way.


The ScreenBox, A Transforming School Desk.