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Shopping Trolleys and Baskets

There are many smaller retail outlets that need to offer customers a way of holding products until they can get to the till.  In fact many experts believe wire baskets, plastic shopping baskets and mesh shopping bags increase sales as most people would feel reticent about taking a single product to the till in a shopping trolley!

Please contact us for current special offers which include free plinths with baskets.

Shopping Trolleys in two sizes 80 litre and 180 litre

80 litre shopping trolley

180 litre shopping trolley

Colours Available; Red, Blue and Green

80 Litre sizes

923mm o/a height x 832mm long x 587mm wide

180 Litre sizes

1036mm o/a height x 965mm long x 610mm wide

Wire Shopping Baskets

Wire shopping baskets with plinth

The shopping baskets have plastic coated handles available in three colours Red, Blue and Green.

Size of basket 450mm x 320mm x 190mm

Plastic Shopping Baskets

Plastic Shopping basket with plinth

Hardwearing plastic shopping baskets with a capacity of 24 litres and available in three colours, Red, Blue and Green.  These baskets can also have your logo printed on the sides.  Size 498mm x 297mm x 250mm High  and available with optional plinth shown in the picture.

Plastic Trolley Basket

Plastic shopping basket that is also a trolley

Popular all over Europe this basket doubles as a trolley and nests so that they can be safely stored safely in store using a minimum of space.

The basket that can be wheeled or carried!  A large 31 litre basket which is fitted with a standard carry handle and also a telescopic handle and wheels for dual usage available in Red, Blue and Green.

Technical Info:
Total height of handle extended: 900 mm
Around 31L capacity
Wheel diameter: 2”,
Max. load / wheel: 18 KGS
Maximum basket use load: 45 KGS
Recommended stacking height in shop: 1.20-1.50 meter (15-18 PCS)
Material Plastic Type: HDPE

Mesh Shopping Baskets

Mesh shopping basket

Designed for ease of use by the customer and the shop staff, our mesh shopping baskets are available in single and double handle variants. Both provide the strong , lightweight, space saving solution to your customer’s shopping requirements. Available in Red, Blue and Green.

Able to carry a variety of objects varying in size, shape and weight effortlessly (Weight capacity nearly 20kg) , the Mesh Basket range is a unique shopping solution and is available with your logo screen printed on the sides.

Shopping Trolleys and Baskets