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We have updated our range of smokers poles and bins with two new additions that are manufactured in Germany and both have lockable bins and can be secured to a wall or the floor.


Elegant and stable stainless steel ashtray column in two versions.

a) Ashtray stand with an elaborate top for safety stub out of cigarettes in a comfortable height. Space-saving,

attractive and weatherproof. With lidded inside flap for simple and quick emptying. Lockable with included

triangular key. Stable position thanks to base plate which can be anchored (ashtray stand base fixing, fitting

accessories included). Dimensions: .¸ 175 x height 1020 mm, volume 1,7 litres.


b) Wall ashtray with fitting material for wall mounting. Dimensions:  75 x height 450 mm, volume 1,7 litres.

Image shown above.


Safety stainless steel ashtray and bin

  • Made of stainless steel, ideal for the outside. Upper and lower parts are self-extinguishing.
  • Thief-proof due to a fixable base.
  • 20 litre waste bin can be removed for cleaning and emptying.
  • Weather-guard separately available.

Dimensions without the weather-guard:

H 640 x 320 mm

Dimensions weather-guard:

H 190 x 320 mm

Bib and ashtray ideal for inside and outside your premises.

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