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Sovella Industrial Furniture

Sovella is designed and manufactured in Finland and supplied all around the world.  Merlin Industrial Products can now offer the Sovella range here in the UK.  Some of the popular models are shown below but the range is extensive and includes benches, storage, seating and assembly worktables.

Industrial cabinet 80/200-2
Product measurements 800 x 425 x 2000 mm
Product code C 309 07 102
  • Durable cabinet for industrial use
  • Three shelves, two height adjustable
  • Loading capacity 100kg/shelf
  • Two drawers
  • Telescopic rails 100% opening
  • Loading capacity 30kg/drawer
  • Extend-able shelf
  • Telescopic rails 100% opening
  • Loading capacity 30kg
  • Suspension rail with five plastic containers
  • Loading capacity 50kg
  • Perforated panel in the back  for tool hooks
  • Perforated panels inside the doors for tool hooks
  • Leveling screws under the cabinet frame
  • Easy to move with fork lift or pallet truck
  • Additional support feet in front to prevent falling
  • Lock with two keys
  • Pre-assembled
854300-07 cabinet frame
854345-35 steel shelf
835633-07 perforated panel 736×640
854353-07 perforated panel 288×712
859151-35 suspension rail M750
806208-00 plastic container
854347-35 extend-able shelf
854346-35 drawer
864730-35 support feet
Industrial screens
Product code C 520 07 101/102/103/104
Product measurements 780 x 560 x 1850 mm
Max load 6x40kg
    Modular screen system with perforated panels
Suitable as space dividers
Sound insulation (polyester foam) between perforated panels
Great storage space with tool hooks
All Sovella M750 accessories can be used with industrial screens
Four basic modules available:

  •         Standard part with two T-foot   C52007101
  •         Extension part with one T-foot C52007102
  •         Extenion part with one L-foot   C52007103
  •         Extension part with one I-foot  C52007104

All modules include six perforated panels, three on each side
Standard colour for perforated panels is blue, grey optional
With corner joint pair (847615-51) modules can be connected into a corner

Sovella worktables are a suitable solution for industrial laboratories and research and development centres. They are designed to accommodate the necessary measurement equipment and other tools ergonomically at a safe distance for use. Sovella laboratory benches fit also to education purposes.

Sovella laboratory tables are robust, elegant, and very flexible. Furthermore, they easily adapt to individual needs, new equipment, and changes in the working environment.

laboratory sovella

Sovella Industrial Furniture