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Spacestor Office Storage

Spacestor is a wall storage system that maximises storage within a space. The spacestor units can use the maximum height of a room and can be used as islands of storage with useful working tops and ideal room dividers with access from both sides.

For companies with a lot of documents that need to be accessed then the spacestor system offers excellent value for money and, as the images show in our slideshow look modern and offer the best quality and standards.

Please select one of the images below to visit the spacestor slideshow.

Spacestor example T0005 Spacestor example T0102 Spacestor example T0108 Spacestor example T0135
Spacestor example T0183 Spacestor example T0225 Spacestor example T0241 Spacestor example T0283

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Spacestor Office Storage