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We can supply a wide range of tapes for packaging as shown below, these include Pipe identification, Hazardous materials and PVC tapes in a wide range of materials.  Please contact us with your requirements for a fast and competitive quotation.

Printed packaging tapes provide a range of benefits from one purchase

  • You seal the box
  • Your pack is tamper evident
  • You advertise and promote your company name
  • You provide re-order information right down to your customers warehouse, where the re-ordering process starts
We print the full range of packaging tapes available and so can supply all sectors of the market from high speed automatic packing lines to the smaller hand sealing operations.

We also have certain standard texts in stock such as Fragile, Contents Checked & Security Sealed Etc..

Widths available:
12mm/ 19mm / 24mm / 48mm / 72mm / 96mm / 144mm

Lengths available:
66m / 132m / 330m/ 990m / 1056m

We can print any special size upon request.

We have;

  • In house artwork studio
  • Competitive leadtime 7/10 days
  • Capacity to print on to vinyl pvc, hotmelt polypropylene, low noise polypropylene, solvent polypropylene, gummed paper tape, non adhesive polythene, laminated tape, laminated and perforated tape, heavy duty tape, superwhite vinyl
    pvc tape.
  • Up to 3 colours

Packaging Tapes

Paper Tapes

This range of tapes are the only tapes available that are 100% recyclable and therefore environmentally friendly.

Other benefits;

  • Easy to use
  • 100% recyclable
  • Attractive appearance

These benefits have enabled our range of gummed paper tapes to fill an important sector of the box sealing market.

Material available:
60 / 90gsm in white
60 / 70 / 90gsm in brown.
3 way reinforced in white or brown

Widths available:
36mm / 48mm / 72mm / 96mm

Lengths are generally 100m on reinforced gummed tape, 200m on others.

Can be printed up to 3 colours.

Gummed Paper Tapes

Self Adhesive and Coated Paper Tapes

Silicone coated kraft;
Used for splicing in paper and board manufacture

Widths available:
25mm / 50mm / 75mm

Lengths available: 50m

Masking Tape
Used in the automotive industry and for general masking applications

Widths available:
25mm / 50mm / 75mm / 100m

Lengths available: 50m

Self adhesive paper tape (MSPA)
Used for package closure where filmic tapes are unsuitable

Widths available:
50mm / 75mm

Lengths available:
50m / 500m

Heat Seal Tape
Collating and bundling wrap for general printing and banknotes. Also used as a sack seal and stay tape.

Widths available:
28mm / 30mm / 40mm / 48mm / 50mm

Lengths available:
150m / 170m / 180m / 300m / 350m / 600m / 900m

Self Adhesive Tapes

Pipe Identification Tapes

The Health and Safety (Safety signs & Signals) regulations stipulate that pipelines containing hazardous or dangerous substances must be labelled to show the contents of the pipeline. We follow BS 1710 which is a colour coding system for pipe contents.

Warning labels, black & yellow hazard triangles can be used in conjunction with base colours where hazardous substances are carried by the pipes.

  • A variety of standard texts printed on BS 4800 base colours to show the pipe content
  • A strong, durable twin ply vinyl/polypropylene laminate
  • A permanent rubber adhesive for long lasting use
  • Use high temperature, high performance polyester pipe marking tape for difficult conditions
Widths available:
38mm / 50mm / 75mm / 100mm / 150mm

Lengths available:
15m / 25m / 33m

Over 400 designs readily available

Pipe Idenitification Tapes

Barrier Tapes

Barrier tapes are brightly coloured polythene; they’re available as bespoke items or standard from stock.

Underground barrier tapes printed on tough resistant polythene, are the ideal way to prevent accidental damage to services. Windmill Tapes and Labels produce a range of quality tapes to reduce the risk to buried utility lines.

  • High visibility
  • Re-useable
  • Can be custom printed
  • Product launches and exhibitions
  • Warning tape around dangerous areas
  • Sports events
  • Advertising
  • Promotions
Material available:
50 / 70 / 90 micron

Widths available:
50mm / 75mm / 100mm / 150mm

Lengths available:
250m / 300m / 365m / 500m* (dependent on material thickness)

Barrier Tapes

PVC Tapes

Floor Marking Tapes

The modern way to mark out factory floors, sportshalls, canteens etc. The tapes are available in a range of colours and stripes to help with the designation of areas. The tapes are very long lasting and much easier and cleaner to apply than paints.

Widths available:
50mm / 75mm

Lengths available: 33m

PVC Pipe Wrap

Used to:

  • protect joints
  • elbows from external corrosion

Resistant to:

  • acids and alkalis
  • various effluents
  • abrasives

Widths available:
25mm / 50mm / 75mm

Lengths available: 33m

Helps to reduce maintenance costs by prolonging pipe life. The heavy duty adhesive will stick to old or new pipes.

PVC Insulation Tape

Our tape meets BS3924 fire retardancy specifications. The very high dialectric strength makes it valuable for electronic work, with the colour range helping with coding & identification.

Used for;

  • General purpose electrical work
  • Component construction
  • Building
  • Aerial rigging
  • Harnessing and loom manufacture
Widths available:
19mm / 25mm / 50mm / 75mm / 100mm
Lengths available: 33m
PVC Tapes


Packaging and Labelling Tapes