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The New Improved Xtend+Climb Designed For EN131-6

The New Improved Xtend+Climb Designed For EN131-6

British Standards’ new standard for telescopic ladders, EN131-6, which sets new parameters for strength, durability and operation. Xtend+Climb have long held a strong reputation for their tough, reliable telescopic ladders. Now they’ve introduced a new enhanced design, which meets the demanding new EN131-6 standard.

  1. Exacting new standards for telescopic ladders, so what is EN131-6? The key requirements are these:
  2. Rungs can’t be positioned at different distances & non-extended rungs must be positioned at the top of the ladder.
  3. The ladder must have a distance device or descent slowed to less than 1.5 seconds to prevent hands getting injured.
  4. It must undergo a cyclic test of the locking mechanism, applied 4000 times to ensure the rung/step locking mechanism works each time.
  5. Every rung must have a visible locking mechanism for each stile.

Xtend+Climb, built to last for the professional user

Xtend+Climb ladders are of an exceptional build quality – strong enough to meet the toughest demands of the professional user. Safe, durable and easy to operate, the Xtend+Climb was unusually developed specifically with the pro-user in mind. Each ladder comes with a 5-year warranty, offers exceptional rigidity and is made to stand up to regular use and transport. It’s made from the highest quality materials: aerospace grade aluminium guarantees rigidity and reduces bounce, while glass reinforced nylon delivers brute strength and high impact resistance.

Meeting new EN131-6 standards in safety and comfort

The Xtend+Climb’s redesign means you can depend on the same tough reliability combined with new features to keep your team safe and comfortable. The rungs are 50% larger than typical telescopic ladders and angled to provide maximum grip and comfort. A new safety closure system slows the ladder’s descent to protect hands from injury. Each rung has a visual lock and release indicator to make it clear when the ladder is safe to climb. The locking mechanism is ergonomically designed so it is comfortable and easy to use, while the feet are over-moulded with durable synthetic rubber to maximise ground contact and all-important grip.

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We share Xtend+Climb’s firm commitment to the highest levels of safety and reliability, championing safe working at height. To find out more about Xtend+Climb ladders, please call us on 0845 124 9955 or click here.