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Unbreakable Coat Hooks

Metal coat hooks bend and break leaving sharp edges that can be dangerous especially with children around.Plastic coat hooksThe plastic coat hook offers many more advantages over the steel and aluminium coat hooks and newer models can be supplied that are anti-bacterial to prevent the spread of germs around a cloakroom.

As well as the individual hooks we can also supply on a white laminated bar for easy installation.

Plastic coat hooks on a rail

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Plastic Coat Hooks

To maintain the low price of £ 0.90 per hook or £ 1.08 if you include VAT we have had to implement a minimum order quantity of 10 hooks per colour or multiples of 10.

To speed up the warehouse and streamline the operation so that we can maintain the low prices all the hooks are pre-packaged in packs of 10

Most of our customers are schools and businesses so this will not effect your orders.

staggered row of unbreakable plastic coat hooks in various colours 800px

For more images and information on the unbreakable plastic coat hooks please visit the following web page.

Unbreakable Coat hooks 2018

Unbreakable Plastic Coat Hooks as pictured below. Designed for Educational and Military use.  Our standard coat rails and coat rails come with these hooks as standard.

The standard unbreakable coat hooks are £ 1.25 + VAT each
Carriage £ 7.95 + VAT (£150+ Free Carriage UK Mainland)

We can also send these overseas – Please use the form on top to enquire.

Version 1
Average Delivery 3 to 5 working days

Unbreakable Coat Hooks VERSION 1

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 Version 1 On-line Shop

Version 2 below with more colour choice and slightly different design.

More colours in the additional unbreakable coat hook range.

Version 2

Unbreakable Coat Hooks part two

Please click on the image above for a larger version.

Version 2 Coat Hooks On-line Shop

The unbreakable coat hooks have been a massive hit with schools and colleges offering a rounded extremely heavy duty coat hook that can add colour to any changing room. Due to demand we have added the second range of coat hooks with 70% more colours so your changing area can be really multi-coloured.

The price for the bigger colour range is £ 1.50 + VAT each with postage the same as the standard ones.

unbreakable coat hooks dimensions

New for 2013 the Version 3 Plastic coat hook.

The version 3 hook is a development of a virtually indestructible coat hook as a replacement for existing metal hooks.  With the longer length the new version 3 hook will not only cover the marks and holes left by your old metal hooks but will allow you two screw into fresh material for added strength.

Version 3 unbreakable coat hook

This unbreakable coat hook has a guarantee for life and has been specifically designed for schools and nurseries and is suitable for use where young children are playing. Ten vibrant colours and only £ 0.90p each.


Please ask for the Version 3 unbreakable coat hook when ordering or use the Add to Cart Buttons. (Click image for larger Picture)

Unbreakable Coat HooksVersion 3 On-line Shop (Prices shown include VAT)

Sizes for the V3 Plastic Coat Hooks – hole centres are 44.5mm

Sizes for the V3 Plastic Coat Hooks - hole centres are 44.5mm

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Unbreakable Coat Hooks