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This week sees several updated pages, a couple removed and three new pages of industrial information added. Ladder accessories have been updated with clearer images, Links to the vinyl fabric manufacturers along with some free PDF downloads allow you to see the wide range of washable fabrics suitable for the health care industries. Many updates on canteen, dining area seating and tables with new industrial plastic seats available in modern solid and transparent colours.

The Latest New and updated pages

Ladder and Steps Accessories
Ladder Accessories for professional and domestic use. Improve the safety on ladders when working high up and uneven ground. We also supply roof ladder hooks, standoffs, and special stability steps ideal for horticultural work where no solid support exists.The 'V' Type stand off will hold your ladder 250-400mm clear of the wall

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Vinyl Fabric Choices for Upholstered Furniture
Vinyl Fabric Choices for Upholstered Furniture are designed to go with our dining room chairs and soft seating ranges and offer a hard wearing fabric that is both attractive and suitable for commercial premises.  The Chieftain and Camira types of vinyl are used worldwide.

ambla richmond fabric colours

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Canteen Units – Restaurant Booths
Canteen units are a popular form of restaurant or fast food furniture unit and offer a fixed layout allowing easy access by staff and customers. We have many different canteen units that offer fantastic value for money and with so many different finishes your restaurant can have your company decor or have a unique style all your own.CU29 American Diner Restaurant Booth Red and Black

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Cafe and Bistro Furniture
Welcome to the cafe and bistro furniture options within our office furniture catalogues. We have the latest paper version should you wish to browse the complete catalogue whilst offline or we have the new online flip catalogue for access any time of the day. We also have our online shop where you can browse further cafe and bistro seating and tables.Cafe-and-Dining-furniture

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Xtreme Dining Area Tables and Chairs
The Xtreme dining area tables and chairs offer a very robust and attractive mix of tables and polypropylene chairs and stools. The Xtreme chairs are available in several models and in a wide range of colours to match your corporate colours or just to offer some contrast.xtreme clear chairs and tables

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Platform Scales
Platform scales designed with features for demanding, heavy-duty weighing in factories, shipping and receiving departments, warehouses, and loading docks. They are ideal for weighing large boxes, shipping crates, pallets, heavy luggage and other oversized items. Fabricated of durable steel, the platform scales feature a diamond-textured surface to provide stability and traction.platform scales

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Anti-Fatigue Flooring
Anti-Fatigue Flooring helps prevent tiredness when standing on hard concrete floors for long periods of time. Hard floors are one of the most common causes of physical fatigue. We have a diverse range of anti-fatigue matting suitable for a variety of establishments.Fatigue From Standing

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Wooden Library Shelving
The wooden library shelving systems are manufactured in Yorkshire from 18mm MFC with 2mm impact resistant ABS edges and comprise the Spectrum, Nexus and Nexus curved ranges as well as book spinners and designer shelving for document and book display.Library design with wooden shelving and accessories

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Plastic Seated Canteen Units
Popular for their economical prices and that the seats can be easily cleaned in busy canteens, the plastic seated canteen units are our biggest seller. The canteen units are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes and we can also provide disability access as required.plastic seating canteen units group

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Updates 10th May 2019

Most of the work this week has been to prepare the site for ecommerce as we get a lot of requests from customers that they would prefer to order directly from the website so this has now started though with approximately 100,000 products it may take a couple of weeks to finalise.

Other news for this week

Workflow Solutions for Production areas

New to the conveyor section but more specialised and designed from modular units to enhance production and assembly lines in manufacturing and distribution.


Underground Waste Storage System

New Hydraulic underground waste systems that work from a standard three pin plug and hide unsightly bins and smells.


Wooden Waste Bins for External Use

More additions to our wooden litter bins including wooden screens for large wheelie bins perfect for campsites and caravan parks.


Truck Locks ¦ Trolley Brakes

New truck locks that unlike the established truck locks we supply fit to the side of the trolley / platform and not to the underneath opening up new possibilities for fabricators.


Wooden Pigeon Hole Units

Our wooden pigeon hole systems only had three models but now we have extended the range to not only include more pigeon hole storage but to include a range with cupboards underneath as shown in the image below


Fork Slung Drum Rotators

Fork drum rotators have been very popular this week so the page and information have been updated to offer specifications and model numbers.


Racking Repair Service

Brand new racking repair service offering cost savings and massive savings in time and effort as you no longer need to empty the racking as we can repair it whilst it is loaded with a fully certified system that guarantees repairs.

before after-racking-repair

Merlin Updates for week ending 12th September 2014

Welcome to another update containing new and updated product pages. The holiday season is reaching an end as we move towards September and this has allowed our web team to add lots of new information and a major change in the web site that now utilises a SSL certificate which puts a padlock into the browser window and secures the pages and contact forms with 128 bit encryption for added privacy and to future proof the site as it develops into an online shop so that products can be securely ordered.

Post Room and Mobile Sorting Trolley

Postroom and parts storage trolley

Postroom and parts storage trolley

Height Adjustable Workbenches

Height Adjustable Workbenches

Height Adjustable Workbenches – Budget and Premium models

Industrial Access – Drum Storage – Waste Management

Drum storage and Access Platforms for use with Forklift trucks

New Drum storage and Access Platforms for use with Forklift trucks

Fork Lift Access Platforms

Forklift access platforms and cages

Forklift access platforms and cages for secure and safe working at heights

Linnea Bench Office Furniture

Linnea Bench office furniture system

Linnea provides space for multiple users working as a team or individually.

Corniche Executive Furniture

Corniche Real Wood Office Furniture

The Corniche range represents a commitment to providing a range of executive office furniture with the highest achievable standards of elegance and quality. Manufactured with solid wood lippings and available in a choice of five quality veneers.

Fast Food Canteen Tables and Chairs

Fast food and canteen units

Fast food and canteen units with new video update

Canteen Units with Plastic Seats

Canteen and fast food units with Plastic and GRP seats

Canteen and fast food units with Plastic and GRP seats

Team Leader Workstations

Team leader and Foreman workstations

Team leader and Foreman workstations with and without cupboards and drawers

Updates for Week Ending 22nd August 2014

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